If you haven't heard about Aragon, I'm sorry, but you must be living under a crypto rock. Ok, maybe you just haven't played around with DAOs, which is a thing you must change ASAP!

For those of you who don't know what Aragon is or forgot, here is a quick refresher:

Aragon empowers you to freely organize and collaborate without borders or intermediaries. Create global, bureaucracy-free organizations, companies, and communities.

What this means is that Aragon is your one-stop shop to make a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO for short. You can make both rich and simple governance mechanisms, applications for other DAOs to use, UIs based on their UI kit, and so much more.

Why would you want to monitor a DAO?

As we all know, everything written to the blockchain is there to stay forever, so no takebacks!

Why am I mentioning this? Imagine having a DAO with millions of dollars worth of ETH locked in it (there are quite a few). Are you starting to get the picture? It is crucial to get notified whenever something important is happening with your DAO.

That can be a suspicious proposal getting posted, a vote getting passed, funds being transferred, to name a few.

You might also be interested in usage analytics. For example, how many people there are in your DAO, how often people interact with it, how much money did you raise last month, are a couple of interesting metrics that came to my mind.

Aragon Tenderly Collaboration

Last week Aragon and Tenderly officially released a one-click solution to import your Aragon DAO into Tenderly.

Now you can start getting alerts, gaining insights from analytics, list all transactions, and so much more: in less than 30 seconds.

How to add your Aragon DAO to Tenderly

I wasn't joking when I said it takes less than 30 seconds. To import your Aragon DAO, go to your Organization Settings, scroll down and click on Import organization into Tenderly. You can use the Aragon One DAO to follow along.

From there, either pick an existing project or create a new one and voila! Your organization is now being tracked by Tenderly.

This is the reason why our community is here to stay

Not many communities have this much collaboration happening between various projects. The whole money lego ideology, combined with open protocols, platforms, and teams moving in the same direction, is the reason why we will all succeed together.

I would love to say thanks to the Aragon One team, especially Brett Sun, for coming up with the idea and making this whole collaboration process very fun and rewarding.

P. S. For discussions and questions you can go to this Reddit thread