It's very hard coming up with a catchy title about changing a domain name, but please, hear me out.

TL;DR: We're changing our domain from to to reflect better the growing set of tools we provide to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Then the Tenderly team said, "Let there be stack-traces"

When we started working on Tenderly, we created human-readable stack traces to simplify Ethereum debugging. After a great response from the community, we saw a need for better development tooling in the Ethereum ecosystem. That's when we set out to make the best in class tools to supercharge everyone's Ethereum development workflow.

After a couple of months, you could use a Transaction Overview, State-Diffs, Emitted Events, and a Visual Debugger. Fast-forward a bit more, and you could set custom alerts for anything of interest that is happening on-chain.

All of this is possible because we have our version of the EVM, where we re-run everything and extract dozens of times of more data than possible from the node itself. For example, for the bzx attack, we extracted more than 50MB of data for that transaction alone!

More than a dev tool

As time went on, we added new alert types, but we didn't stop there. Soon after, we launched our Analytics feature, where you can easily plot graphs to gain insights about your project.

Want to know what will a transaction do without submitting it on-chain? No problem, the simulate feature has you covered!

Thanks to the robust core, you can see that we can create tools that help multiple roles in an Ethereum development team. Be it a developer who is debugging a failed transaction locally or a product manager wanting to know how their team's new protocol is performing.

A new home

As we're developing more features, we want to communicate that Tenderly is more than a development tool.

Our mission is to be your one-stop-shop for all things Ethereum data, from your first contract running on a local Ethereum node, all the way to your Mainnet launch and beyond!

All of this is why we're moving Tenderly over from to

What's up next?

We have so much in store, from advanced collaboration features to even more granular control when it comes to alerting. And those are just the things I can tell you about. 🤫
Thanks for staying with me until the end of this article. As always, you can reach us on Discord or over at Talk to you soon!