We are pleased to announce that we have successfully added Fantom to the list of supported networks on Tenderly!

What is Fantom?

Fantom is a Layer 1 blockchain that is focused on solving the problem of the modern-day blockchains called the blockchain trilemma - a trade-off in distributed ledger technologies which have to balance between speed, security, and decentralization.

Fantom tries to tackle the problem at its core by using its DAG-based aBFT consensus algorithm called Lachesis that powers their EVM compatible Opera blockchain. Lachesis is:

  • Asynchronous, meaning that participants have the freedom to process commands at different points in time.
  • Leaderless, stating that nobody plays a “special” role.
  • Byzantine fault tolerant, supporting one third of malicious nodes.
  • It also possesses fast finality that allows its Opera blockchain to confirm transactions in 1-2 seconds.

It is definitely an interesting project and now you will be able to use all the might of Tenderly’s development platform to your advantage while creating your Fantom projects. You can read in more detail about Fantom by visiting this page.

Tenderly Features

Visual Debugger

Removing the frustration and significantly lowering the development time, by allowing you to track errors in your Smart Contracts with only a few clicks and helping you find the exact line of code where your transaction reverted.

Simulations and Forks

Gives you the ability to try out different scenarios with your Smart Contracts, so you can predict outcomes and further optimize gas usage.

  • You can test out bugs and make improvements on historical transactions or try something totally different by adjusting some or all parameters and observing the outcome.
  • Change the source code of a Smart Contract before running a simulation.
  • Convert and use any address as a Smart Contract.

Gas Profiler

Get a detailed breakdown of gas usage/cost for every function, including both the initial and refunded gas cost for every transaction.

Monitoring and Alerting

Tenderly gives you an exceptional overview of blockchain data as well as a real-time notification system that keeps teams and individuals up to date on any events and notifications they tracked across multiple networks.

You can access Fantom using the Tenderly Dashboard, API or the CLI.

Start using Tenderly by registering on this link, and you can also join our Discord channel where you can find out the latest news, changes and talk with the community about the platform itself.