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Say Hello to Tenderly Pro

Tenderly Pro is the next-generation platform for all of your Smart Contract and dApp needs. Be it that you are a single developer starting with your dApp and need help with debugging or an experienced team that needs advanced analytics: Tenderly Pro is for you.

Bogdan Habic
Bogdan Habic
Mar 17, 2020 · 4 min read

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Say Hello to Tenderly Pro
Wait; what? Are you starting to charge for Tenderly? I knew this was going to happen!

TL;DR: Not quite. Everything you've been using on Tenderly until now will stay free. We're adding cool new features catering to teams and companies building the next generation of the Web. Wanna know how? Continue reading below.

Tenderly is out of beta!

Yes, that's right: After one year of development, user feedback, conferences, blog posts, coffee, etc. Tenderly is finally out of beta!

Last year at ETHCC, in beautiful Paris, we've announced our beta is open to the public. Back then (it's a very long time in the crypto-verse), you could add your contracts to Tenderly and see transactions that failed and the stack-trace of the failure.

So much has happened since that post was published. Things like transaction filtering, the Gas Profiler, Events, and so much more, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Firstly, I'm going to answer the question: What's next for Tenderly?

Tenderly Pro

Tenderly Pro is the next-generation platform for all of your Smart Contract and dApp needs.

Be it that you are a single developer starting with your dApp and need help with debugging or an experienced team that needs advanced analytics: Tenderly Pro is for you.

Tenderly Pro is everything you've been using so far plus:

  • Ability to simulate transactions without submitting them on-chain (yes, even via an API)
  • Advanced analytics that can cater to even the most complex dApps and protocols
  • Use all of the Tenderly tooling for local Ganache or Geth transactions (saving countless hours)
  • Use webhooks to get real-time notifications for your Smart Contracts
  • So much more

Let's talk a bit about the first two features that are generally available once you enroll in Pro.


If you ever used the JSON-RPC, you've probably stumbled upon eth_call. If you haven't, it returns you the output of a Smart Contract function, without submitting an on-chain transaction. This can be useful in some cases, but it is quite limited.

With the Simulate tool, you can provide the data for a transaction and see what would happen if you submitted the transaction right now. So you get all of the tools we already offer for on-chain transactions for the pending block.

Not only that, but you can even pick a specific block height, transaction index and get the output of the transaction as if it happened at that specific point in time.

An example of running a Kyber Network Transaction in the pending block

Advanced Analytics

With Tenderly transaction debugging, monitoring, and alerting features, you can know exactly what happened, the instant it happens. But now, with the Analytics, you can get useful insights across all transactions in your project.

There are three types of analytics in Tenderly:

  1. General analytics: Use the intuitive analytics builder to visualize on-chain data such as gas usage, DAU/WAU/MAU, Value transferred over time, Events emitted, Top functions calls, Contracts that called you the most, etc.
  2. Custom queries: Have a query that isn't possible through the builder in the dashboard? No problem! Our team can pull any on-chain data, no matter how complex. You can even consume this data via an API and show it to your users.
  3. Custom scripts: Need some complex logic to happen for each transaction? Off-chain data would be useful to visualize next to your on-chain data? All of the above is possible with our custom scripts feature, which enables you to execute arbitrary code for each transaction relevant to your project.
Example of the custom Gas Station Network analytics dashboard

Why start charging now?

Tenderly has so far been bootstrapped by the five of us. We've sustained ourselves with hackathon winnings (over 13 hackathons won) and various grants.

Now we think it is time to expand the team and put the pedal to the metal. To achieve that goal, we came up with a (we hope) fair business model that scales well with you and your team.

What's been done so far

Last year at ETHCC, we only had human-readable stack traces, and in a year we released:

  • Transaction overview
  • Decoded Events/Logs
  • Decoded State Changes
  • A Visual Debugger
  • Gas Profiler
  • Alerting
  • Private Network Support
  • Webhook Notifications
  • All testnets and mainnet support, POA/xDai support
  • Aragon DAO support (spoiler alert)
  • Local Network Support (Coming out with Tenderly Pro)
  • Transaction Simulation (Coming out with Tenderly Pro)
  • Analytics (Coming out with Tenderly Pro)
  • And more...

And we're just getting warmed up.

Moving forward

So what's next for Tenderly, you may ask? API access, Proxy and Factory support, Monitor any address, ERC-20/721/1155 support, just to name a few.

If there is anything you think Tenderly can help you with, be it with productivity, getting some on-chain data that otherwise would be impossible, or a third-party integration, shoot us an e-mail over at or join our Discord!

Many great things ahead

Thank you for staying with me until the end of this article. But what is even more important: Thank you for helping us with your feedback, bug reports, and kind words. We couldn't have done it without you!

Talk to you soon,
The Tenderly Team

P. S. For discussions and questions you can go to this Reddit thread

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