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Build & Scale Dapps on Mode With Tenderly's Full-Stack Infrastructure

Tenderly now supports Mode, one of the latest OP-Stack-based optimistic rollups. As an L2 focused on building new economic systems for financial applications, Mode contributes to Optimism’s Superchain DeFi ecosystem. Modular DeFi protocols can now rely on the leading full-stack infrastructure.

May 30, 2024 · 7 min read

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Tenderly's full-stack infrastructure is now available on Mode L2 network

Mode is an optimistic rollup and modular Layer 2 network built on the OP Stack and part of the Optimism Superchain ecosystem. Focused on building a DeFi ecosystem, Mode rewards users, developers, and protocols for growing the network through innovative economic mechanisms. 

The vision for the Mode network is to establish a vibrant, thriving DeFi ecosystem and community that offers users not just financial benefits but also engaging experiences while providing developers with a robust platform for innovation in DeFi. The Mode team supports developers creating innovative dapps and solutions, transitioning them from hackers to founders, scaling their applications, and expanding user reach. 

Developers are the cornerstone of Mode’s vision and essential to the modular ecosystem as they develop new DeFi primitives and protocols and drive innovation. To make this vision a reality, Mode received a significant grant from Optimism Foundation’s RetroPGF program and partnered with the major infrastructure and tooling providers, empowering developers with the necessary resources and support. Now, with Tenderly’s full-stack infrastructure, developers can build the modular ecosystem more easily and efficiently by having integral building blocks and tools under one roof.

Why should you consider building on Mode? 

The Mode network has a growing developer community thanks to several advantages: 

  • Since Mode is built on the OP Stack, it’s EVM-compatible, making deployment fairly straightforward as on any other EVM chain. Mode made sure that the primary work is cut out for developers so you can focus on what you do best – developing innovative solutions. 
  • What sets Mode apart is its developer-focused vision and support system, which includes helping developers with GTM strategies, marketing, growth, and other challenges you might face in scaling your dapp. The team behind the network provides support in areas developers mostly struggle with, helping them increase their dapp usage by order of magnitude.
  • Mode boasts a variety of programs to support developers, such as the Yield Accelerator (a global online program supported by the top tier teams), bounties, hackathons, and, most importantly, predictable revenue through sequencer fee sharing and developer airdrops. By sharing the sequencer fee revenue with developers, Mode enables you to earn as you scale your dapp, as every transaction that goes through your smart contract will earn part of the fees.
  • Mode is not the only winner of Optimism’s RetroPGF. As you build and scale your dapp on Mode, you too will be eligible to apply for the program and receive part of the $1B Optimism’s grant based on the impact of your submitted dapps. 
  • Mode will also run a series of developer airdrops that reward developers for contributing to the Mode ecosystem by allocating a substantial portion (5%) of its total token supply, currently running until September 2024.

Mode’s role in supporting Ethereum scalability and the multichain ecosystem

Following the Dencun upgrade and ongoing discussions about Ethereum scalability, it’s clear that Layer 2 networks such as Mode play a crucial role. Alongside Optimism and other chains within the Superchain, the Mode team is committed to Ethereum values and contributing to its scalability. 

Being a part of the Superchain not only involves collaboration to enhance interconnectivity, security, and scalability but also focuses on delivering a top-notch user experience and a solid development environment. Although Mode focuses on developing its own product and ecosystem, Optimism leads the development of the Superchain infrastructure, further supporting the collective goal to scale Ethereum.

Mode's primary focus is the development of decentralized finance or DeFi, but its ecosystem is diverse and hosts different dapps. With over 110 ecosystem partners and counting, developers are building everything from GameFi to Layer 3 solutions on Mode. You can explore all the dapps currently part of the Mode Network Ecosystem.

How to build and scale dapps on Tenderly’s full-stack infrastructure

With Tenderly’s full-stack infrastructure for the entire dapp life cycle, you can facilitate each stage of your Web3 journey on Mode. Bringing development and production infrastructure under one roof, Tenderly allows you to build and scale innovative dapps at record speed.

1. Integrate scalable node infrastructure

With Tenderly Node, you can create multiple node RPCs for the Mode Network and use them across different projects. By integrating Tenderly Node into your dapp, you get:

  • Integrated development infrastructure and essential tools: Tenderly Node gives you access to the entire Tenderly full-stack infrastructure, including development environments, debugging and exploration tools, and monitoring systems.
  • High performance and scalability: With Tenderly Node, your dapp can support high throughputs and usage spikes as your user activity grows. Plus, you can ensure fast and reliable service globally since our Node RPC comes with soft usage limits and SLAs. 
  • Complete accuracy and safety: Our Node RPC also brings 100% gas estimates and built-in simulation infrastructure. Use them to protect your dapp usage from unexpected transaction failures, unnecessary gas costs, and hidden security risks.

To get started, quickly create as many Node RPCs for the Mode network as you need. Then, copy the provided Hardhat or Ethers code snippets, paste them into your project, and start using the top-performing Node RPC. 

High-performance Node RPC for Mode
High-performance Node RPC for Mode

2. Build in collaborative development environments

Tenderly Virtual TestNets are collaborative development infrastructure designed specifically for Web3 teams. Use them to fork the Mode network and spin up any number of Virtual TestNet instances for your teams, unlocking new possibilities for iterative dapp development on Mode.

Forking the Mode network with Tenderly Virtual TestNets
Forking the Mode network with Tenderly Virtual TestNets

Virtual TestNets are built specifically for collaborative dapp development and testing, giving you:

  • Ongoing syncing with the latest state of the Mode network so you can build and test your dapp on top of live on-chain data.
  • Complete customizability of your replica to fit any team workflow, including CI, dapp staging, and public testing.
  • Fast and efficient cross-team collaboration thanks to dedicated staging environments for your dapp’s Solidity, backend, and frontend components.
  • An unlimited faucet for native and ERC-20 tokens so you can get any amount of test tokens and fund any account instantly.
  • Built-in virtual explorer and debugging tools for an in-depth overview of transactional activity on your Virtual TestNets and immediate issue resolution.
  • Available public explorer that you can turn on and off as needed to share your Virtual TestNet externally with anyone.
Virtual TestNet synced with the latest Mode state
Virtual TestNet synced with the latest Mode state

3. Explore on-chain data with a dapp-first approach

From the same Tenderly Dashboard, you can explore any wallet or contract address on Mode, along with all the successful, unsuccessful, and mempool transactions. Dive into the on-chain data relevant to your dapp and get development-first insights in a human-readable format. 

  • Transaction Explorer gives you in-depth information about transaction execution, including asset transfers, emitted events, involved contracts, gas consumption, and more. 
Transaction Explorer for a transaction on Mode
Transaction Explorer for a transaction on Mode
  • Debugger allows you to troubleshoot failed transactions trace by trace, showing the exact location and cause of a bug. It also enables you to edit contract source, make changes, and try out a fix directly in the Dashboard. 
Debugging a transaction on Mode network
Debugging a transaction on Mode network
Analyzing gas usage of a transaction on Mode
Analyzing gas usage of a transaction on Mode

4. Monitor your dapp’s on-chain usage

Tenderly also allows you to monitor on-chain activity on Mode Network in real time. You can set up a monitoring system to track relevant on-chain events and respond with custom code automatically: 

  • Set up real-time alerts that will get triggered as soon as specified events happen on Mode, including (un)successful transactions, token transfers, balance changes, and more. 
Creating a real-time alert for ERC-20 transfers on Mode
Creating a real-time alert for ERC-20 transfers on Mode
  • Receive automatic notifications directly to your team channels, such as Telegram, Slack, Discord, or PagerDuty. You can even connect Tenderly Alerting with a custom webhook or Web3 Actions to trigger code execution. 
  • Write custom code using Web3 Actions that will get executed once triggered by set alerts. This way, you can react to any time-sensitive event as soon as it happens.
Setting up a Web3 Action for an alert trigger on Mode
Setting up a Web3 Action for an alert trigger on Mode

Join the Mode ecosystem with Tenderly’s support 

From initial development to on-chain deployment, Теnderly gives you the only full-stack infrastructure for the entire dapp life cycle. With Tenderly’s support, you can build and scale innovative DeFi solutions with efficiency, flexibility, and scalability while supporting the thriving DeFi ecosystem on Mode. 

To get started, fork the Mode network instantly and start building your dapp on real-time data.

Use Tenderly Node Extensions to build custom RPC endpoints that fit your dapp without changing its existing logic. Optimize dapp performance, improve user experience, and get greater control and flexibility both on-chain and during development.

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