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More Consistent Error Messages in Debugger UI

May 17, 2023 (7 months ago)

More Consistent Error Messages in Debugger UI

Error messages displayed in the overview of a failed transaction are now more consistent, making it easier for you to understand the failure reason.

You can now see three types of errors:

  • EVM-level error
  • Error reason in the case the execution was reverted
  • Error message that points to problems in your code

Improved Transaction Trace

From the call trace, it was previously unclear which contract was calling a function and where the function resided. We’ve removed this ambiguity with a recent update. Now, when one contract calls another contract, this is noted as:

(caller => receiver).functionName(inputs)
View from the Dashboard

This change makes it easier to determine the original contract (caller) and the receiver contract for every single trace call.

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