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New Custom RPC Endpoints Released in Web3 Gateway

Mar 13, 2023 (9 months ago)

New Custom RPC Endpoints Released in Web3 Gateway

Web3 Gateway has seen a number of new features released, including the release of Simulation Bundle and Transaction Trace custom endpoints.

Simulate bundled transactions

The tenderly_simulateBundle custom endpoint within Web3 Gateway allows you to run sequential simulations through a single RPC URL. This endpoint receives an array of transactions which are simulated one after the other within the same block.

Check the documentation for a detailed usage guide.

Replay on-chain transactions

Calling the tenderly_traceTransaction custom endpoint within Web3 Gateway allows you to extract execution information from an on-chain transaction. This RPC method replays a transaction on the blockchain and returns a detailed response about the execution, such as status, logs, internal transactions, etc. It’s useful in situation when you need to:

  • Analyze decoded logs, traces, internal transactions, and other details
  • Ensure the transaction is executed correctly and identify causes of failure
  • Automate checks after the transaction has been executed

Reference the documentation for more information.

Minor improvements

  • Removed the back error for all transactions except fork transactions - no more accidental exiting
  • Improved performance for the eth_getLogs endpoint

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