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Tenderly Releases Virtual TestNets

Apr 25, 2024 (a month ago)

Tenderly Releases Virtual TestNets

Virtual TestNets are the first and only testing and staging environment for dapps running on real-time on-chain production data. It enables developers to instantly fork production data of 40+ blockchain networks and use it as a replacement for public testnets.

Any operation that can be performed on a real network is also supported on Virtual TestNets enhanced with powerful customization options. Different Web3 teams—Solidity, frontend, and backend—can now work in a unified development environment to test and iterate without interfering with each other.

Spin up a Virtual TestNet here. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free.

Core features

  • Unlimited faucet to top up the balance on any account via the UI or RPC
  • State sync to keep the Virtual TestNet state updated in real time with the parent network
  • Integrated access to Tenderly’s development tooling like Debugger, Gas Profiler, and Simulator
  • God mode RPC with custom methods for manipulating the Virtual TestNet state
  • Block explorer that can be kept private or made public and exposed to end users

Check out the documentation for a detailed explanation of all Virtual TestNet features.

Virtual TestNets are free to use and try, with all features unlocked for a limited time.