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How Tenderly Node Extensions Enable Complete RPC Customization

Tenderly Node Extensions allow you to create and deploy fully customized RPC endpoints. Learn all about custom node extensions and ready-made examples from the Node Extension Library.

Nebojsa Urosevic
Nebojsa Urosevic
Apr 13, 2023 · 4 min read

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Introducing Tenderly Node Extensions

We’re launching Tenderly Node Extensions, a fully customizable node solution that enables you to build and deploy custom RPC endpoints. With Node Extensions, you can set up custom RPCs as reusable templates, integrate them into your dapp, and even share them with the community. You can also use one of the preset extensions from a public library curated by some of the industry’s awesome teams and dev pros.

You can use JavaScript or TypeScript to create custom RPC endpoints alongside the standard JSON-RPC endpoints. This gives you greater control, flexibility, and scalability since you no longer have to rely on a predefined set of APIs or offload your dapp logic to its frontend. Instead, customize the Tenderly node so it fits perfectly into your dapp, and ensure its scalability, extensibility, and user-friendliness.

Sign in to Tenderly and create a Node Extension in seconds. It's free, so why not give it a go?

Unboxing Node Extensions

Node Extensions come with a fully customizable option and a ready-made Node Extension Library.

Tenderly Node Extensions: customizable RPC endpoints
Tenderly Node Extensions: customizable RPC endpoints
  • Custom node extensions: You can create your own custom extensions that are completely private, with the possibility to edit them at any time. You can write the logic of your extensions from scratch, making sure they meet the unique requirements of your project.
  • Node Extension Library: These extensions offer a plug-and-play functionality for some of the most common use cases. Some of the key industry players have shared their expertise with the community, so feel free to explore some of the best practices in Web3.
Have some interesting use cases of your own? Create your own node extensions, submit them to GitHub for review, and share them with the rest of the community.

We’d love to hear from you, dev frens, and add even more helpful and interesting use cases to our Node Extension Library. Let’s spread knowledge across the community!

How to use the community-sourced Node Extension Library

Our Node Extension Library has a set of ready-made extensions that are available out of the box. You can browse the library, find an extension that fits your needs, and integrate it into your dapp. All of the predefined templates are available on GitHub, so feel free to explore them in greater detail.

Want to learn how to activate these node extensions? Watch a quick video tutorial:

How to activate a node extension from the Library

Here are some of the preset extensions you can use to get started:

1. Simulate Send Transaction Extension

The Simulate Send Transaction Extension enables you to simulate and send signed transactions, ensure they’re successfully executed, and then submit them to the blockchain. With a single RPC request, you can ensure that your transaction is successful before automatically sending it on-chain.

You can use this extension to speed up the process of submitting transactions in a safe manner. You can also build it into your dapp, and allow users to simulate transactions and automatically send them through your dapp.

2. Paymaster Node Extensions

With Paymaster Node Extensions, you can streamline your interaction with Pimlico’s Paymaster. The bundle contains three different extensions, allowing you to:

3. Multicall Node Extension

The Multicall Node Extension helps you fetch Uniswap’s ERC-20 balance. The extension relies on Wonderland’s multicall strategy and helps optimize eth_call performance and lower node RPC consumption.

Explore our Node Extension Library

Browse ready-made node extensions and choose one that fits your dapp perfectly:

Use Node Extensions to customize your RPCs and optimize your dapp

With Node Extensions, we wanted to make Tenderly’s production node more accessible and suitable for individual project use cases. This way, you get more control and flexibility over the RPC interface, so you can make the most of our full-stack infrastructure.

So, head over to the Tenderly Dashboard to try out Node Extensions, and follow our documentation to start building your own extensions. Then, share your Web3 knowledge, expertise, and best practices with the community, and contribute to the continuing growth of the Web3 space.

Start building custom RPCs and share your unique use cases with us!