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Belgrade Welcomes the Web3 Community

Join Tenderly for another edition of ETH Belgrade! In 2024, you can expect an even better experience at our hometown conference. The 2nd edition welcomes top-tier teams and speakers to Belgrade, so don’t miss out on the fun!

By Nikola Milinkovic on May 29, 2024

Belgrade Welcomes the Web3 Community

After last year's resounding success, we’re thrilled to announce another edition of the ETH Belgrade conference. This inclusive and vibrant conference is held in our hometown of Belgrade and the heart of the Balkans as part of the larger Belgrade Blockchain Week. It’s the perfect platform for builders, enthusiasts, and Ethereans to unite, exchange ideas, and forge new connections.

The 2nd edition of the ETH Belgrade conference is a testament to our local Web3 community's remarkable growth and maturity. It’s a proud and momentous occasion as we continue to build upon the success of the much-talked-about first edition. The organizers and teams have prepared an even better lineup of speakers from top-tier teams, setting the stage for an unforgettable event. 

What’s in store at the 2nd ETH Belgrade?

Prepare for a jam-packed program at the 2nd ETH Belgrade, featuring insightful keynotes, engaging panel discussions, and exciting networking opportunities. For the second year in a row, ETH Belgrade will take place at the MTS Dvorana (Hall), which can accommodate a large number of attendees from the global Web3 community. It will host over 100 amazing speakers and panelists, 40 top-tier Web3 companies, and partners. 

This year, the building-focused conference will feature speakers from teams such as Chainlink, Paradigm, The Graph, Safe, Lido, Immunefi, Ledger, DeFi Saver, MakerDAO, Blockscout, Consensys, Quicknode, Enso, Hats Finance, Liquity, Ethereum Foundation, and many others, truly upping the game from last year’s edition.

Sponsoring teams include our close friends and dear partners from Chainlink, DeFi Saver, Mantle, Optimism, Linea, Lido, LI.FI, Metamask, Ledger, Blockscout, and BNB Chain, among others.

The conference's primary focus remains on building and scaling the Ethereum ecosystem. That is why this year, again, during the main conference segment, there will be a dedicated stage for startups pitching their ideas and solutions to a dozen of investors. This year, the conference hackathon will occur from May 31st to June 2nd, while the main conference will take place between June 3rd and 5th. 

Keeping up with Tenderly 

As proud supporters of ETH Belgrade, we’ll be at the decks for most of the days. You won’t be able to miss our booth upon entering the venue's main hall. Some major swag you all love to snag will wait for you, and our engineers and team members will be at your disposal for any questions or suggestions.

This year, Nebojsa, our SVP of R&D and co-founder, will take the stage on the 1st day at 4 PM to talk about the latest developments in standardizing the debugging format for the EVM. In turn, Bogdan, our CTO and co-founder will join the infrastructure panel: What the F**k to do now that we will have thousands of rollups? on the 2nd day at 3 PM together with Igor Barinov from Blockscout, Sahil Sen from Quicknode, and Hubert Kotliński of L2BEAT. 

On the same day, our DevRel Nenad will host a workshop titled Build, Stage, Deploy: Continuous Integration in Web3. The workshop will focus on our latest product release, Virtual TestNets, the next-gen Web3 development infrastructure designed to replace public testnets. 

Week-long extravaganza

The future of Web3 is being built in Belgrade, and Belgrade Blockchain Week will be filled with side events organized by the local and global community. With over 30 side events ranging from hackathons to workshops, meetups, hangouts, and parties, there’s something for everyone. 

Join us at these amazing events:

  1. Zero to Dapp Day Belgrade: Organized by The Graph team, this one-day event is focused on how to ship a full stack dapp on Ethereum. It will feature workshops by some of the amazing DevRels and engineers from The Graph, Chainlink, Safe, and Tenderly. Our DevRel Nenad will give some insights on how to use Virtual TestNets to build and test your dapp faster and more efficiently. 
  2. lobsterdao and frens: Belgrade edition: Organized by the amazing lobster community, and made possible by Daedalus Angels, Blockscout, DeFi Saver, Gearbox, Liquity, and Tenderly, this social event will be hosted in Belgrade’s vibrant downtown scene.
  3. Builder Nights Belgrade: Presented by Metamask, Linea, Tenderly, 1inch, and ZKLink, Builder Nights is organized by MetaMask around the globe and across five continents. For the first time ever, Builder Nights is being held in Belgrade! 

This tech-focused event has always been about meaningful and insightful discussions, panels with some of the biggest minds in the industry, and an incredible networking atmosphere. We’re proud to be hosting this event at no other than our Tenderly office HQ!

Please register and join us at these amazing side events! 

See you in sunny Belgrade!

We’re excited that the ETH Belgrade conference is taking place for the second year. With an amazing speaker setup, top-tier attending teams, and incredible side events, we’re all set for another amazing edition and many more to come.

Welcome to Belgrade! 🌇

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