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Cyberpunks Gather at ETHTaipei!

The Tenderly crew is going to ETHTaipei! We will be hosting a Happy Hour "Block Party" and a mini, cyberpunk-themed hacking event together with our frens from Furucombo, and much more!

By Nikola Milinkovic on Apr 19, 2023

Cyberpunks Gather at ETHTaipei!

The Tenderly crew is visiting the lovely island of Taiwan for the first edition of ETHTaipei! ETHTaipei is a five-day event (21 - 25 April) hosted and organized by the strong and vibrant Ethereum and developer community.

And do we have some fun things in store for the Heart of Asia!

Tenderly will be hosting a Happy Hour "Block Party" and a mini, cyberpunk-themed hacking event together with Furucombo, and much more!

On the ground in Taipei, representing Tenderly will be our DevRel duo Nenad and Vanja, together with Aleksa, software engineer, and Nikola, event manager.


The ETHTaipei hackathon is a three-day event organized by TAIKAI, a platform that connects hackers and companies through engaging hackathons.

Developers have the opportunity to compete for prizes sponsored by local community initiatives and renowned projects backing the event. To be victorious, participants must work in teams to come up with innovative blockchain solutions using Ethereum technologies.

On the first day of the hackathon, Tenderly is organizing a Happy Hour "Block Party" together with frens from Furucombo. Furucombo is a multi-chain DeFi aggregator that aims to simplify, optimize, and automate DeFi trading for everyone. We teamed up with Furucombo to help the hackers relax and unwind a bit over free drinks and snacks.

The party will take place at the official hackathon venue, POPOP Taipei (Building: I) 13號 Section 2, Nangang Road Nangang District, between 5 - 7 PM.

Due to high demand and interest, the tickets for the event are unfortunately sold out.

We're looking forward to seeing and meeting all of the builders from the community and visiting Taipei!

ETHTaipei 2023 Conference

After the three-day building extravaganza wraps up, the official conference will kick off with Vitalik's keynote speech, "The Need for Standardization of L2s, Smart Contract Wallet and Privacy".

The main part of the event will feature speeches divided into two distinct tracks: DeFi and Protocol. The DeFi track delves into decentralized finance and security topics, while the Protocol track explores various subjects, including clients, ZK Proofs, and Layer 2.

War Room Games Taipei

We're stoked to announce another edition of War Room Games – Tenderly's famous capture the flag event! We're bringing our fun event focused on finding exploits and vulnerabilities in smart contracts to the neon-lit Taipei.

We’ve teamed with Furucombo to bring you a mini, cyberpunk-themed hacking event with several interesting challenges that will definitely make some hackers sweat. This is also an awesome opportunity to flex some of those hacking muscles.

War Room Games Taipei will be hosted on April 24th at 4:30 PM in the official venue, POPOP Taipei, I building, in the heart of Taipei's tech district.

As with every other War Room Game so far, the stakes are high, the atmosphere difficult and challenging to work in 😃, but the prizes will be grand!

Those who can handle the pressure stand to win the following prizes:

  • 1st place - 3000 USDT
  • 2nd place - 1500 USDT
  • 3rd place - 500 USDT

And, of course, all active participants of the WRG CFP will receive a free 3-month subscription to Tenderly's Dev plan.

Register before Monday and show off your skills! Just don’t forget your cyberdeck!

Shortcuts to better Dapp development

On the second day of the conference, our Head of DevRel Nenad will hold an in-depth talk titled "Shortcuts to Better Dapp Development."

The focus of the talk is to provide practical advice and inspiration for developers looking to streamline their dapp development process and get the most out of their time. Nenad will also share some personal tips and tricks, particularly about how Tenderly Node Extensions, SDK, DevNets, and other tools can be used.

We're looking forward to Nenad sharing his expertise and hearing his interactive and engaging discussion with the audience.

During the Q&A portion, attendees are more than welcome to share their own best practices for writing efficient and scalable code.

See you at ETHTaipei!

So there it is, the Tenderly crew is coming to Formosa and the bustling Taipei. We invite all the hackers and cyberpunks to join us at POPOP Taipei between 21 - 25 April for the first-ever edition of ETHTaipei 2023!

We're thankful we were invited to take part in this event, and we are super eager to meet the local community of developers and teams hacking away our shared, decentralized future!