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Join Tenderly in Amsterdam

There's something for everybody: APR19 - Building Web3 applications with Tenderly // APR20 - Yearn & Tenderly War Room Games // APR22 - Build a game on Gnosis Chain w/ Tenderly

By Tamara Stavljanin on Apr 14, 2022

Join Tenderly in Amsterdam

If you’re going to this year's Devconnect in Amsterdam we have a treat for you - we are organizing 3 workshops that you can attend for free, with the help of our excellent partners Yearn Finance and Gnosis Chain.

Here’s the list of all events so hurry up and secure your spot:

19.04.2022. How to NOT reinvent the wheel: Building Web3 applications with Tenderly

This is a Tenderly introduction to debugging, monitoring, simulations, and serverless for the Web3 enabled future. During this workshop, other than enjoying food and drinks, you will learn how to:

  • Use the Tenderly Debugger to figure out even the most complex transactions
  • Monitor Smart Contracts in real-time
  • Simulate transactions that aren’t even sent yet and back-test bug fixes
  • Use Web3 Actions to react to on-chain events without the hurdles of operating a server by utilizing serverless functions

After this workshop, you’ll better understand how to leverage Tenderly both around your project and as an integral part of it.

20.04.2022. Yearn and Tenderly War Room Games

The workshop is designed like a Capture the Flag game so engagement is encouraged and fun is guaranteed.

This knives-out workshop will show you what it takes to survive a War Room and (hopefully) end it with a "funds are safu" tweet (and a minimal amount of psychiatric counseling required).

An exploit report will be delivered to everyone. Then, with the help of veteran devs from Yearn and Tenderly, your team will try to save funds, patch contracts, and keep your head cool in swirling chaos.

*Spoiler alert - we prepared prizes for winners*

22.04.2022. Build a game on Gnosis Chain w/ Tenderly

In this workshop, we’ll create a simple game that we’ll be deploying to Gnosis Chain and use the Tenderly tooling to debug, monitor, and automate it.

You will learn how to use Blockscout – an invaluable open-source tool for exploring, confirming and inspecting transactions on any EVM blockchain.

By the end of this session, you’ll know how to:

  • Deploy your Smart Contract to Gnosis Chain
  • Verify your Smart Contract on Blockscout
  • Import that Smart Contract into Tenderly
  • Monitor and debug the game in Tenderly
  • Use Web3 Actions to automate the interactions with the game

So there you have it folks - there’s something for everybody so hurry up and sign up.