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Web3 is coming to Belgrade!

Join Tenderly at ETH Belgrade 2023! It’s the first-ever Ethereum community conference happening in our hometown, and we can’t wait to see you there! Welcome to Belgrade!

By Nikola Milinkovic on Jun 1, 2023

Web3 is coming to Belgrade!

Belgrade is the birthplace of Tenderly and our founders’ hometown.

It's truly a joyful moment that we can say that, for the first time ever, a true Ethereum community conference is being organized in Belgrade! For some time now, many in our community wanted to make this happen, and finally, everything fell into place.

Put together by the members of the local Web3 community and prominent teams from the space, such as DeFi Saver, Decenter, MVP Workshop, Renfter, and others, the first edition of ETH Beglrade 2023 features both the conference and a hackathon in the true Web3 spirit. The conference is also supported by the Ethereum Foundation, Metamask, Liquity, and Superchain, among others.

What to expect from the conference

ETH Belgrade is taking place in an awesome venue – MTS Dvorana (Hall). It will host over 500 attendees and hackers, 100 speakers and panelists, and 30 Web3 companies and investors. Speakers will include some of the most remarkable folks from Web3 teams from around the globe.

The primary focus of the conference is on building, in its truest sense of the word. That’s why the hackathon and startup pitching are taking the central stage. During the main conference segment, packed with awesome talks and panels, there will be a dedicated stage for startups pitching their ideas and solutions to a dozen of investors.

After the awesome talks and panel discussions close on Sunday, hackers will get down to it hacking away at various bounties submitted by Web3 teams.

What not to miss from Tenderly

As a team, we’re officially supporting ETH Belgrade. So, in case you’re visiting, here’s what you can expect from the Tenderly team during the upcoming weekend.

Talks and panels

Our CTO Bogdan will be sharing his thoughts on the direction Web3 has took in recent years and the hype surrounding it during his keynote speech which will kick off the conference.

On the same day, Bogdan will join Sahil Sen from QuickNode and Lei Wu from BlockSec for a true builder panel discussion on the topic of Developer tools and infrastructure in a multichain world at the Builders stage. Panelists will tackle the current problems in developer tooling space, what improvements are needed, what some of the challenges in going multichain are, and how the future is shaping up to be in the coming years.

The following day, our SVP of R&D Nebojsa will be joining the likes of Nenad Palinkasevic from DeFi Saver, Bytes from Web3SecurityDAO, and engn33r from yAudit on a security-focused panel: Scalable ideas for reducing smart contract hacks in the next 3 years on the Builders stage as well. Their shared passion for smart contract development and joint experience in tackling many issues in developing Web3 products make this panel perfect for all blockchain developers.

War Room

Day 2 will also be the D-day for all the hackers and devs who love to dip their toes in a true challenge. From 4 PM, we’ll be hosting our famous War Room Games, Capture The Flag concept, together with our friends from DeFi Saver. As with all the previous War Rooms, any hackers willing to take up the challenge should come prepared for some real puzzles, fierce competition, and numerous obstacles. This, however, will only make the prizes that much more worthwhile.

Where to find us

We’ll of course have our dedicated booth at ETH Belgrade as well, where we’d love to hear the thoughts and struggles from all the developers and teams coming to the conference. Many of our team members will be attending and roaming the main venue. So, if you’re attending, definitely swing by to say hi or just come and grab some unique Belgrade-themed merch.

See you soon at ETH Belgrade

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in our hometown for this thrilling week of innovation, idea-sharing, and hacking! It’s our pleasure that we can host all the brightest minds in Web3 and kickstart the first of many global Ethereum events in Serbia and the Balkan region. We’d like to thank the organizers, volunteers, and everyone who devoted their time and energy to make this happen.

We'll end with one of the sayings about Belgrade, by the famous radio host and writer Dusko Radovic, who famously began his radio shows by saying: Whoever was lucky enough to wake up in Belgrade this morning can consider having achieved enough in life for today. Any further insisting on something else would be immodest.

🎉 See you all, and welcome to Belgrade! 🙌