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How Tenderly-Gold Integration Supports On-Chain Gaming

As one of the first L3 solutions focused on gaming, Gold offers specialized infrastructure, a low barrier to entry, monetization incentives and a strong partnership ecosystem, appealing to Web3 game developers. Join the Gold gaming universe expansion, now with Tenderly's full-stack support.

Nikola Milinkovic
Nikola Milinkovic
May 9, 2024 · 4 min read

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How Tenderly-Gold Integration Supports On-Chain Gaming

Gold is a Base-settled Layer 3 blockchain designed to enable a universe of fully on-chain games. Its vision is to create an immersive and seamlessly integrated gaming ecosystem that leverages blockchain technology's security and ownership features while providing a user-friendly experience similar to traditional gaming. 

Developers play a crucial role in realizing this vision. By innovating on Gold’s platform, developers contribute to ecosystem growth, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in blockchain gaming and driving adoption through compelling content. The chain further facilitates the development of engaging on-chain games with specialized features, such as sub-second block times, low transaction fees, a social layer, and native randomness. 

With Gold’s smart contract templates, SDK, and data APIs, you can quickly bring your existing games on-chain or create new ones from scratch. Additionally, Tenderly’s full-stack infrastructure is now available on the Gold network, enabling you to move fast from development to on-chain deployment.

Why build games on the Gold chain

By choosing to build on the Gold chain, you get several important advantages: 

  1. Specialized infrastructure for gaming: Gold is an L3 designed explicitly for gaming. With a specialized solution, you can count on fast block times and low transaction costs, essential for an excellent user experience. You also get game-centric features such as native randomness and multisig wallets, enabling the development of responsive, social, and economically viable gaming experiences.
  2. Ease of use and low barrier to entry: With features such as native account abstraction and a suite of developer tools, Gold lowers the technical barriers typically associated with blockchain game development. This ease of use attracts developers from traditional gaming backgrounds and facilitates their transition into Web3.
  3. Monetization and economic incentives: Gold’s built-in marketplace and the structure of transaction fees allow developers to monetize their games effectively. The platform's model also includes potential revenue from in-game asset sales and transactions, providing a lucrative financial incentive.
  4. Robust partnership ecosystem: Collaborations with established names like Base, Celestia, Syndicate, Airstack, and essential tooling providers offer developers immediate access to a broad audience and distribution networks, enhancing the reach and success potential of newly developed games.

How Gold-Tenderly integration facilitates game development

Building on-chain games brings particular challenges, including the complexity of smart contract development, managing on-chain interactions, and ensuring a smooth user experience.

Gold, together with the now available Tenderly support, helps developers overcome these challenges by offering integral building blocks and essential tooling. Here’s how the Gold network and Tenderly facilitate on-chain game development:

  1. Comprehensive developer tools and resources: Gold offers a rich set of developer tools, including smart contract templates, an SDK for easier implementation, APIs, and extensive documentation. These resources help developers get started quickly and reduce the complexity of building Web3 games.

    With Tenderly, the innovative L3 gaming blockchain now has a full-stack infrastructure partner you can rely on throughout your game development cycle. Whether you need your own replica of the Gold mainnet with state sync to build and test privately, inspect and debug transactions and smart contracts, analyze gas consumption, simulate using custom parameters to fix bugs or test different scenarios, as well as to receive real-time notifications and keep track of on-chain events, with the Tenderly developer toolkit you are covered on your Gold journey.
  2. Pre-set test environments: Gold offers pre-configured test environments, which allow developers to test and refine their games in a controlled setting before going live. This helps ensure that the games are bug-free and optimised for performance.

    Tenderly improves the testing game further with Virtual TestNets, zero-setup testing environments making public testnets entirely obsolete. Game developers looking to launch their projects on Gold can use the next-gen Web3 infrastructure designed for dapp development with any existing workflow. They offer collaborative environments synced with the latest mainnet state and all the tools you need to move fast from the first line of code to on-chain deployment, from Tenderly debugging to development tools available out-of-the-box.
  3. Improved debugging: Tenderly’s debugging tools help developers identify and fix issues in their smart contracts more efficiently, reducing development time and enhancing contract reliability. The debugger, which initially made Tenderly famous, is the most acclaimed tool in the toolkit. It enables you to inspect, decode, and debug transactions in-depth instantly.

    By developing and testing on your own private TestNet replica of the Gold blockchain, you can uncover potential bugs and vulnerabilities in private early in the development cycle. The Transaction overview allows you to check the basic transaction information. The debugger allows you to check the transaction trace by trace and find the specific bug-causing line of code. Before applying the potential fix, you can preview the effects of the code changes using the Tenderly Simulator by simulating your transactions with different parameters in various scenarios.
  4. Scalability solutions: Using Tenderly’s performance analytics and gas profiler, developers can optimise their contracts to handle higher transaction volumes cost-effectively. On-chain games require predictable gas usage amid potential usage spikes.

    Tenderly gas profiler provides an in-depth analysis and breakdown of gas consumption on a per-function basis during execution through a visual representation of where and how the gas was spent throughout the course of the transaction. Combining the advanced gas tool with the Tenderly Debugger and Simulator enables developers to optimize smart contracts and reduce gas-associated costs.
  5. Gaming monitoring: Tenderly Alerts are a vital part of the Web3 infrastructure tech stack and provide game developers with a robust monitoring and alerting platform for dapps, smart contracts, and wallets.

    By monitoring on-chain activity and relying on the Tenderly full archive node, you can keep track of smart contract interactions, malicious activities, and errors or security issues that pop up, ensuring faster bug fixing and a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience for your users.

Build impactful on-chain games on Gold with Tenderly

Gold is one of the first L3 solutions primarily designed and optimised for gaming, with low transaction costs, fast block times, low barrier to entry, and built-in monetization mechanisms.

With strong partnerships with the top tooling providers and a sound foundation by being launched on the leading Base chain, Gold is looking to position itself as the innovative solution for real-time and strategy on-chain games.

Following the Tenderly integration, developers now have all the necessary tools to build, scale, and monitor their gaming projects. Dive into the Gold’s expanding on-chain gaming universe!