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How to Set Up Sentry and PagerDuty for Your Ethereum DApp

Today we will go over setting up and using Sentry and PagerDuty with your Tenderly dashboard.

Bogdan Habic
Bogdan Habic
Sep 23, 2020 · 4 min read

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How to Set Up Sentry and PagerDuty for Your Ethereum DApp

We, assuming that you are human, are creatures of habit. Having that in mind, here at Tenderly, we are developing our platform to be a tool that closely connects with the tools you already feel at home using.

Here's what we got cooking for you - in addition to Slack, Discord, and Email, we are bringing Sentry and PagerDuty to the table to supercharge your Tenderly alerts!

Today we will go over setting up and using Sentry and PagerDuty with your Tenderly dashboard. Sentry and PagerDuty are the industry standard in software development, and now you can use them for blockchain development as well.

Alerts have proven to be remarkably useful in both traditional software development but even more so in developing for blockchain. DApps, Protocols, and Smart Contracts are a part of a larger eco-system with continuous interactions between one another, so keeping track of the changes is imperative. That's where Tenderly alerts come in. If you are not already fully acquainted with our Smart Contract alerting, don't worry, Bogdan's got your back.

Why Sentry and PagerDuty?

While our other alert channels are widely used and work great, we are always looking to give our users more choices.

Sentry is an error tracking tool that reveals crashes in your stack in real-time, and when used in tandem with Tenderly it goes like bread and butter. PagerDuty's similar nature of waking you up in the middle of the night in case something goes awry also makes it a great combo with Tenderly. Basically, if you want to get all of the information you need to fix an issue with your blockchain project even before your users notice, mixing Tenderly with Sentry or PagerDuty is the best you can get and then some.

Setting up Sentry as a destination

It is pretty straightforward when it comes to adding a new alert destination but let's go over it.

  • On your Tenderly Dashboard go to Alerting, which can be found under Monitoring, choose the Destinations tab
  • Now that you can see all the available Destinations pick Sentry
  • A window will pop-up which will ask you for your DSN Address and a Label for you to choose ("You can find your project’s DSN in the “Client Keys” section of your “Project Settings” in Sentry.")
  • And voilà! Your Sentry project is now connected with Tenderly

Setting up PagerDuty as a Destination

PagerDuty setup is even quicker. All you have to do is go to the "Destinations" tab as you did for Sentry, pick PagerDuty and click on "Connect PagerDuty"

You will get redirected to PagerDuty's page, where you can approve Tenderly as a source.

If done correctly, PagerDuty should be under your Active Destinations

Sending Alerts

Now that we have set up our new destinations let's see them in action!

For this example, I created an alert that will notify me whenever a transaction fails on the Dai Smart Contract. After setting up the alert we need to choose a destination.

Here we’ll select our shiny new Sentry and PagerDuty destinations.

Now, whenever a Dai transaction fails, a man will come and tap you on the shoulder to inform you about it. Not really, but instead of that, you will have to settle for a detailed alert from Sentry and PagerDuty.


As you can see, the whole error stack-trace can be found on your Sentry dashboard.


PagerDuty gives you a more straightforward insight into the issue.


Now that we went over how Tenderly, Sentry and PagerDuty can be best friends I hope you understand why they should be best friends.

Stay tuned because we will be adding more friends to that friend circle. Maybe it's Telegram. Maybe it's not Telegram. If you ask us, we won't tell you if it's Telegram or not, but you can always try by contacting us on our Discord or by email