We are excited to announce that the new addition to the list of networks supported by Tenderly is Optimistic Ethereum (OΞ) - our first integration of a cross-chain link between Ethereum mainnet and L2 solutions. OΞ is a new scalability stack for Ethereum that aims to enhance and enshrine fair access to public goods on the internet through the development of open source software, by producing infrastructure which promotes the growth and sustainability of an ecosystem of public goods.

As a prime example of L2 ecosystem growth, OΞ represents the point in Ethereum mass adoption which we are all waiting for - solutions that can facilitate the scaling of other use-cases in order to reach the mass market. Although L2 rollout is still in its early stages, OΞ will be one of the players driving the mass onboarding onto Ethereum, since it aims to make the whole process of complicated UX and high fees much simpler and cheaper. This will also impact the overall dApp performances by raising the transaction throughput limits, making it a true successor to the (old) Plasma. The core of Optimistic Ethereum is optimistic rollups which process transactions and feed the result back to Ethereum for final inclusion in the base chain, relying on the EVM through “single round” rollups.

With OΞ network integration, developers will now be able to use the full power of Tenderly as an Ethereum Developer Platform (EDP), most notably:

(1) Visual Debugger - Removes frustration and significantly cuts development time, allowing you to track errors in your smart contract with a couple of clicks and instantly find the line your transaction reverted on.

(2) Simulations (Forks coming soon!) - Give users the option to test different scenarios to predict outcomes and optimize gas usage.

  • Test out bug fixes and improvements for historical transactions, or try new ones by changing some or all parameters and observing the outcome.
  • Change the source code of a Smart Contract before simulating a transaction.
  • Convert any address into a Smart Contract.

(3) Gas Profiler - Detailed per-function breakdown of gas cost/usage, with the initial and refunded gas cost for every transaction.

(4) Monitoring and Alerting - Tenderly offers unparalleled insights into blockchain data as well as a real-time notification system that enables individuals and teams to stay up to date with any changes and events they want to track across various networks.

(5) Users can access Tenderly and OΞ via Dashboard or API and use the CLI if they prefer.

You can try out OΞ on Tenderly completely free - just register here with basic info and you’re good to go.


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