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Tenderly Planning zkSync Integration!

With L2 scaling solutions rising, we recognize that your dApps need the advanced infrastructure in order to thrive, so you can see and do everything you want straight from your Tenderly dashboard.

Stefan Ignjatović
Stefan Ignjatović
Nov 24, 2021 · 2 min read

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Tenderly Planning zkSync Integration!

We have been working hard - and will keep on doing that - on bringing new features and networks to Tenderly on a regular basis. We recently launched our Wallet Support, we started the beta testing for Web3 Actions, and we are really excited for what’s coming up in the next couple of months. All of that said, one thing to note is that we will be working on integrating zkSync with Tenderly!

We haven’t defined the exact timeline as of yet, but it is coming for sure. zkSync has proven the concept with quick and cheap transfers, smart contract interoperability, atomic swaps, native NFT support as well as support for all the main platforms. There are many reasons why we like the engineering approach the Matter Labs team is taking with zkSync 2.0, including the upcoming release of their Web3 API implementation, all of which you can read about here.

The key thing here though is the bigger picture - as the scaling solutions in the space advance to create better and more viable user experiences for mass adoption, the tooling needed to facilitate the added complexity of development needs to follow closely. If debugging is complex right now on just one layer, wait until you see it on two - imagine a live production environment, having transactions on both layers, with different semantics and properties.

If the last sentence made you anxious, don't fret! Your dApp is advanced and so should be the infrastructure it is built on, including the dev tooling and monitoring stack. In the long run, (most if not) everyone will have this happening on both L1 + L2, and Tenderly integrating zkSync will allow you to do things such as:

  • Intuitive debugging with consolidated smart contract semantics, and the ability to clearly follow what happened where so you can figure out exactly why your transaction failed (or succeeded).
  • Run connected Web3 Actions on both L2 while a transaction is in a rollup, and L1 after it is committed and verified.
  • Monitor anything and everything regardless of the execution path for your transaction, and get alerted accordingly and on time.
  • Follow a token over multiple platforms with great insight into each tracking step.
  • Track your wallet across ALL networks.
  • Much more 🚀

As soon as we have new updates on the integration timeline you will know - in the meantime, you can follow both Tenderly and zkSync on Twitter, as well as check out everything that you can do right now in our docs.

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