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Tenderly Now Supports Fraxtal: A Frax-Dedicated L2

Tenderly integrates Fraxtal, a novel, modular rollup developed by the Frax team. Devs now have the essential infrastructure and tools to bring the Frax team's vision of a hub for asset issuance, settlement, and L3 deployments to fruition, enhancing their development experience.

Nikola Milinkovic
Nikola Milinkovic
Apr 30, 2024 · 5 min read

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Tenderly Now Supports Fraxtal: A Frax-Dedicated L2

Fraxtal is an EVM-equivalent L2 rollup network that leverages the OP Bedrock Stack for the smart contract platform and execution environment. By using the OP Stack, the Frax team ensured maximum compatibility with the existing Ethereum developer experience. 

Since its inception, the new rollup has been Ethereum-aligned, a testament to the Frax team’s commitment to the ecosystem. The team is also steadfast in its pursuit of the Optimism Superchain vision. The Frax team also contributes to the OP Stack development and testing, showcasing its dedication to scaling the Ethereum ecosystem and ensuring a reliable and secure environment for all users. 

You can deploy dapps quickly, cheaply, and securely, making Fraxtal an appealing solution for DeFi dapps and protocols. EVM equivalence ensures no need for significant code changes or rewriting smart contracts while allowing you to rely on existing developer tools and services, including Tenderly’s full-stack infrastructure. Tenderly’s tools and services cover each stage of dapp development, from building to debugging, testing, and monitoring, providing you with a unified experience.

What do developers build on Fraxtal?

Fraxtal is designed as a modular, general-purpose L2 rollup that enables a wide range of dapps and L3 solutions to be deployed on top of the chain. However, keeping in mind the initial Frax team's devotion to the DeFi ecosystem with their existing suite of products such as FRAX, a fully collateralized algorithmic stablecoin, a lending platform, an automated market maker, and the liquid staking token frxETH, Fraxtal is primarily striving to become a DeFi hub. 

Numerous key DeFi protocols, including Curve, Convex, Axelar, and Beefy, are already deployed to Fraxtal, and many more are looking into the unique Fraxtal offering. With Tenderly’s support from development to on-chain deployment, you can build innovative dapps on Fraxtal using our full-stack infrastructure with far more ease.

Fraxtal’s architecture differentiates it from other L2 rollups. To become a multichain hub for DeFi development, the Frax team developed an in-house unique data availability module. 

Instead of relying on existing DA solutions, Fraxtal strategy is to post data to multiple locations and retrieve it from various data availability providers. This way, Fraxtal strives to incentivize teams looking to launch L3 solutions on top of the chain, providing the choice of any data availability provider, VM, and framework. 

Its long-term vision is to win the L3 settlement race and become a hub for asset issuance, settlement, and L3 deployments. Additionally, Fraxtal is working with Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) providers like Conduit, Gelato, and Caldera to have as many as 23 L3 networks on Fraxtal by the end of 2025.

Flox: developer incentives

Fraxtal goes above and beyond to reward its users and developers. It offers a unique blockspace incentives reward system called Flox. Every epoch, users who spend gas and developers who deploy contracts where gas is spent earn incentives in the form of FXTL points, which can later be converted into tokens. 

This innovative system allows users to earn more rewards than the gas they spend, and developers can earn more than the gas their dapps use. This commitment to rewarding its community demonstrates Fraxtal's dedication to its users and developers, making it an attractive platform for DeFi protocols and dapp developers.

Flox rewards developers and users continuously for their activity and for the success or popularity of their apps and assets on Fraxtal. All EOA addresses that spend Gas on Fraxtal, and smart contracts that use gas will receive proportional FXTL point rewards based on the Flox algorithm. In order to do this, the Flox Algorithm does two things: 

  • Calculates a transaction trace of gas used by smart contracts
  • Applies a second algorithm to rank contract importance and additional criteria, such as assets held by users and contracts at randomly selected blocks within the epoch. 

Flox is designed as an automated, recurring method of rewarding users and developers in the Fraxtal ecosystem to avoid the mishaps of some other systems, mainly one-off airdrops. Currently, epochs are set to seven days, but their length can be further customized to avoid gaming the mechanism and to meet the network’s and developers' needs.

How to use Tenderly to build dapps on Fraxtal?

Tenderly is a full-stack infrastructure that offers the only multichain node RPC with built-in development environments and exploration tools. As you join the Fraxtal ecosystem, you can entirely rely on Tenderly to move fast from development to on-chain deployment with flexibility, efficiency, and scalability.

Here’s how to start building dapps on Fraxtal with Tenderly: 

  1. Interact with Fraxtal using Tenderly Node: With one of the best-performing RPC endpoints for Optimism, Tenderly Node guarantees a stable connection, fast response times, and multiregional support. Our node infrastructure is highly scalable, supporting high throughputs and usage spikes without hard limits. You can use both HTTP and WebSocket access to interact with Fraxtal, as well as custom RPC methods for debug/simulate requests.

    Tenderly Node is the only RPC with embedded development environments and built-in debugging and exploration tools. Aside from the essential node functionalities, it gives you easy access to advanced infrastructural components to go beyond the node standard and build innovative DeFi dapps on Fraxtal.
  2. Use Tenderly Virtual TestNets to build dapps on your own Fraxtal replica: Build your dapp and test its performance with Fraxtal's on-chain data with Virtual TestNets, a development infrastructure designed for dapp development.

    You can spin up a Virtual TestNet environment and replicate the actual state of Fraxtal Network. This way, you can develop and test in collaborative environments against real-time Fraxtal data. Plus, you also get an unlimited faucet, full environment control and customization, built-in essential tools, and everything else you need to build dapps fast and with ease.

    By relying on custom Tenderly RPCs, you can manipulate your Virtual TestNet, including blocks, timestamps, and states. You can integrate your development environments into your existing flows since they are fully compatible with Hardhat and Foundry.
  3. Debug issues and validate your solutions: Get detailed transaction information for successful, failed, and mempool transactions, including asset transfers, balance changes, emitted events, and involved contracts.

    Analyze failed transaction execution trace by trace and find the exact line of code causing a bug. To validate your fix right away, edit the contract source and apply your solution to preview its effects.
  4. Optimize gas consumption before deploying your smart contracts: As Fraxtal provides incentives for contract deployment and user interactions, Tenderly helps you optimize the gas consumption of your smart contracts before deploying them, additionally maximizing gas savings.
  5. Create a safe dapp environment for your users with simulation infrastructure: Provide a safe and improved user experience in your dapp with Tenderly’s Transaction Simulator. Let users test transactions against actual on-chain data quickly and preview the expected outcome of DeFi actions without spending any money. 

    In addition to enabling individual and bundled transaction simulations, you can run your entire dapp on our simulation infrastructure. This way, you can create a playground mode for users, removing hidden risks and building trust and transparency in your product. 
  6. Respond to on-chain events: Use Tenderly Web3 Actions to deploy custom code within Tenderly Node and automatically respond to on-chain events. Monitor relevant addresses or smart contracts and create triggers to get real-time alert notifications to a channel such as Slack, Telegram, PagerDuty, or even a custom webhook.

Immerse yourself in the Frax ecosystem

As Fraxtal grows its DeFi ecosystem and provides the key benefits of an OP Stack-built L2, such as less congestion and lower fees, developers can also use the Flox rewards system and earn more than the gas their dapps use.

With Tenderly’s full-stack infrastructure, you can speed up the development process on Fraxtal. In a single place, you get a high-performance multichain node with embedded development environments and built-in exploration tools. Use Tenderly to get more insights, flexibility, and control when building high-volume composable dapps on Fraxtal. Fork the Fraxtal chain and start building against real-time data now.