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A Very Tenderly Update: Slack Alerts, Events, Logs, and So Much More

Slack alerts, Events, Logs, Local and State Variables! See all the new things you can do in your Tenderly dashboard!

Bogdan Habic
Bogdan Habic
Sep 16, 2019 · 3 min read

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A Very Tenderly Update: Slack Alerts, Events, Logs, and So Much More

Hear ye, hear ye 🔔🔔🔔! I’m back with my digital quill and ink to tell you about the magical stuff the team at Tenderly has been up to lately.

emit SlackReleased(true);

After releasing our Real-Time Alerting feature, the number one request was to add Slack as an alert destination, so we rolled up our sleeves and got the job done!

To add a Slack channel as an alert destination go to your project, then Alerts and finally click on destinations where you will see a shiny new Slack button.

Now, when you set up an alert, you can pick your channel and get notified when something happens in real-time.

Setup Event / Log based alerts

Yup, you’ve read that correctly: you can set up alerts that will notify you whenever a specific Event or Log gets emitted.

To show you how it works, I’m going to use the CryptoKitties Smart Contract (of course 🐈).

Go to the alert creation screen, select the Event / Log trigger, and after you select the KittyCore Smart Contract, you’ll see all of the events that can happen:

  • Approval
  • Birth
  • ContractUpgrade
  • Pregnant
  • Transfer

I’m going to pick the Birth event. Now whenever a CryptoKitty is born, I’ll get notified instantly. You can have your very own baby CryptoKitty Slack channel (just an idea).

Even more information for every transaction

The transaction screen got some love as well! There are two main additions: Events / Logs and Local / State variables in the debugger.

When you open up a transaction (for example this one), you can see all of the Logs that were emitted. Not only that, we’ve decoded all of the Logs, so you can easily read the parameters!

Now, if you remember, we’ve released our Visual Debugger last month where you can go through any transaction step by step. We already got a lot of great feedback on how the debugger saves time, but we can do better! That’s why we added State and Local variables to the Visual Debugger.

To see it in action, click on the Debugger tab when viewing a transaction. I’ll use the same transaction we used to showcase the Events / Logs feature.

As you can see, at each line of code, we can see Input / Output variables, and now, State and Local variables as well!

Is that all?

No, of course not! We’re working hard on a couple of new additions to the platform, the main one being Parameterized Alerts. With Parameterized Alerts, you’ll be able to use input parameters of events and functions only to get notified precisely in cases that you want to. This is something that didn’t exist before and is now available only on Tenderly.

To recap what’s new?

  • Add Slack as an alerting destination
  • Get notified when a particular Event / Log happens during the execution of your Smart Contract
  • The transaction screen now shows Events / Logs that were emitted during a transaction
  • The debugger now has State and Local variables in addition to Input and Output variables
  • Fixed kitchen sink finally

That’s all for now

As always, we love talking to everyone all things Monitoring, Alerting and Smart Contracts development in general, so drop us a line over at or join our Discord. Talk to you soon!

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