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One-Click Add RPC to Metamask + Built-in Unlimited Faucet

May 11, 2023 (7 months ago)

One-Click Add RPC to Metamask + Built-in Unlimited Faucet

We are delighted to introduce two long-awaited and highly requested features: One-click add RPC to MetaMask and a built-in unlimited faucet.

These enhancements, developed based on your feedback, aim to remove unnecessary manual steps and speed up your testing workflows.

Add Fork or Web3 Gateway RPC to MetaMask

ℹ️ Available on Forks and in Web3 Gateway.


You can now add your Fork or Web3 Gateway RPC URLs to MetaMask directly from the Dashboard with a simple click. This enhancement reduces unnecessary manual steps, creating a more efficient and user-friendly development experience.

When you create a Fork or access Web3 Gateway, look for the Add RPC to MetaMask button. Then, in MetaMask, approve the network, switch to it, and you’re all set.

Unlimited faucet on Forks and DevNets

ℹ️ Available on Forks and DevNets.


You now have access to an unlimited faucet on Forks and DevNets. When a Fork or DevNet is created, you get ten unlocked accounts, each pre-loaded with 100 test ETH. However, this may not be enough for larger transactions because it could lead to failures and delays due to insufficient funds.

With the built-in unlimited faucet, you can easily top up the balance on any of the accounts as often as you need to. Click the Fund Accounts button and enter the account address to add 10,000 test tokens to the account.

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