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Tenderly Supports Blast, BOB, and Mode Networks

May 28, 2024 (17 days ago)

Tenderly Supports Blast, BOB, and Mode Networks

Tenderly now offers complete platform-level and Node support for the Blast, BOB, and Mode networks. Platform-level support means that developers building on these networks can use Tenderly's development tooling suite, which includes the Simulator, Debugger, Gas Profiler, Alerts, and more.

Blast, BOB, and Mode are also supported on the Tenderly Node side, enabling fast and reliable access to these networks. A single RPC URL is all it takes to access the network, send transactions, deploy contracts, or read on-chain data.


RPC URL:{key}

Blast is an Ethereum L2 solution that addresses scalability and transaction speed issues while offering native yields for ETH and stablecoins. It operates by handling transactions off the main chain, significantly reducing computational load and transaction fees while maintaining the network's security and integrity.

Read the announcement post.

BOB (Build on Bitcoin)

RPC URL:{key}

The BOB (Build on Bitcoin) network represents a significant advancement in integrating Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. It empowers developers to build innovative applications and services on the Bitcoin blockchain while benefiting from the versatility of the EVM.


RPC URL:{key}

The Mode network is a modular DeFi Layer-2 blockchain designed to empower developers and users to cultivate a robust ecosystem of top-tier applications while directly rewarding their contributions. In collaboration with Optimism, Mode Network aims to construct the Superchain, a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem that enhances DeFi by providing a scalable and efficient infrastructure for building world-class applications.

The Mode Sepolia testnet is also supported on Tenderly Node.

Create a Node RPC

Tenderly Node allows you to create multiple RPC links for a single network. This enables you to use the different links for different projects and track their usage separately.

Log into the Dashboard and go to Nodes. Select the Blast, BOB, or Mode networks from the drop-down and click Create. Copy the RPC URL and add it to your code, or copy/paste the provided code snippets for easier integration into your dapp.

Use Tenderly Node Extensions to build custom RPC endpoints that fit your dapp without changing its existing logic. Optimize dapp performance, improve user experience, and get greater control and flexibility both on-chain and during development.

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