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Contracts Interface Overhauled for Enhanced Smart Contract Visibility

Jan 10, 2024 (5 months ago)

Contracts Interface Overhauled for Enhanced Smart Contract Visibility

The Contracts page has been completely overhauled to provide enhanced visibility into the inner workings of smart contracts linked to your Tenderly projects.


What's changed?

Previously, we gave you just a basic list of contracts associated with your Tenderly projects.

Now, we've supercharged the Contracts page! 🚀 You get a detailed overview of each contract, including essential data such as the compiler settings, ETH balance, verification status, deployment address, and more.

Key features:

  • Transaction listing: Easily track every transaction linked to a contract. Gain invaluable insights into trends, vulnerabilities, and optimization opportunities.
  • Easily simulate transactions: When you notice something suspicious, run any transaction through our Transaction Simulator with custom parameters. This option allows you to understand what is causing transactions to fail and how to fix issues.
  • Simulated transaction listing: When you simulate a transaction coming from a specific contract, we sort the simulations in a list that you can filter and sort.
  • Source code access: We now display the contract's source code directly in the Dashboard, allowing you to scrutinize any contract in greater detail.
  • Monitor contract activity: Quickly set up Alerts for contract activities directly from the contract overview page to get real-time notifications about activity on the contract or its performance.
  • Additional features: The new contract overview also displays the ABI, contract creation code, deployed bytecode, and source map.
Explore the new Contracts page by going to the Dashboard and clicking Contracts on the left-hand menu.

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