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DevNets UI and Security Improvements

May 17, 2023 (7 months ago)

We’ve released several improvements in DevNets that enhance the overall user experience and security.

Added “Copy RPC” shortcuts on Run cards

With the “Copy RPC” button now available directly on Run cards, you can quickly get the RPC without having to open each run. This speeds up your workflow, enabling you to get what you need right from the Latest Runs.

Easier access to information about the DevNet template configuration

Each DevNet template now includes a “View more” button, which provides you with additional information about your template configuration, such as the chainID, slug, template visibility, block number, and network.

Setting the custom chainID

DevNets now allow you to customize the chainID and prevent DevNets from having the same transaction signature compared to the same transaction on the Mainnet. The purpose of this improvement is to reduce the replication attack vector.

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