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Holesky Testnet Fully Supported on Tenderly

Nov 9, 2023 (7 months ago)

Holesky Testnet Fully Supported on Tenderly

We're thrilled to announce that the Holesky testnet is fully supported across the entire Tenderly platform. This means you can access the Holesky network via Tenderly Node, simulate transactions on Holesky, and spawn a DevNet or Fork with Holesky data.

Access Holesky via Tenderly Node

Copy the Holesky RPC URL from your Tenderly Dashboard and add it to your code. Or establish a persistent connection using WebSockets.


WebSocket: wss://

You can also add Tenderly Node as your node provider in Metamask with a single click and access the Holesky network that way.

Spin up your own replica of Holesky

You can also spin up a DevNet or Fork with the latest state of the Holesky network. This will give you an off-chain replica of the network, which you can use for dapp development or testing.

The benefit of running a Holesky-based DevNet or Fork is that you're not limited by slow transaction execution or network congestion. You can also customize the network to your needs. Learn more about DevNets here.

Simulate transactions on Holesky

Our Simulator UI also supports transaction simulations on the Holesky network from the browser. You can also test requests and simulate on Holesky via Tenderly Node. Select the Holesky network and use the tenderly_simulateTransaction or tenderly_simulateBundle RPC methods to simulate transactions.

You can also simulate transactions on Holesky using the Tenderly Simulation API.