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Introducing Soft Limits for Pro Plan Users

May 14, 2024 (a month ago)

Introducing Soft Limits for Pro Plan Users

We have introduced soft rate limits for Pro plan users, specifically regarding the consumption of Tenderly Units (compute units).

How are Tenderly Units computed?

Tenderly Units measure platform usage. For example:

  • Running a write method on Tenderly Node consumes 20 TUs.
  • Running a write method on Virtual TestNets on the free plan consumes 2000 TUs.

The allotted TUs in your pricing plan are consumed across the entire platform and subtracted from your total.

Learn more about how TUs are consumed and calculated.

What are soft limits?

Soft limits ensure you won't lose access to Tenderly features during occasional usage spikes. You can exceed your TUs temporarily without immediate blockage or extra charges.

How soft limits work

  • Occasional spikes: If you experience a temporary spike in usage, your access will remain uninterrupted.
  • No Immediate overage fees: You won't be charged overage fees for occasional excess usage.
  • Consistent overuse: If your usage consistently exceeds your plan's Tenderly Units, our team will contact you to discuss potential plan upgrades that better suit your needs.

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