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Introducing YAML DevNet Templates

Jul 26, 2023 (10 months ago)

Introducing YAML DevNet Templates

We've added a YAML editor to the DevNet template creation process. Now you can define custom DevNet templates in YAML with speed and simplicity.


YAML templates also let you override certain on-chain data with custom values. You can modify balances, storage variables, and ERC-20 distributions on any contract or wallet address.

When you spawn a DevNet environment from a YAML template, your custom configurations are applied automatically. This enables you to quickly start running tests on a highly customized network fork.

YAML template structure

YAML templates consist of one mandatory field (template) and several optional fields (wallets, contracts, storage, balances, erc20). These fields are designed for advanced control and customization of your DevNet environment.

Note that every account in a DevNet environment is unlocked, allowing you to modify any wallet or contract account as needed.


Creating your first YAML template

Head over to the documentation for detailed explanations of all the possible fields and code snippets to help you create your first DevNet template in YAML.

You can write and validate your YAML templates from the Dashboard.

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