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Moonbeam Fully Integrated Into Tenderly

May 17, 2023 (23 days ago)

Moonbeam Fully Integrated Into Tenderly

The second phase of the Moonbeam network integration has been completed. This means that Moonbeam is now fully integrated into the Tenderly platform.

You can now use the entire Tenderly feature set on Moonbeam, including transaction listing, Alerts, Web3 Actions, and our advanced analytics.

Moonbeam was the first chain from the Polkadot ecosystem to be added to our growing list of 30+ networks. The Tenderly-Moonbeam integration allows smart contract engineers to simplify their Web3 development flow and use essential developer tools to build impactful dapps on Moonbeam.

Use Tenderly Node Extensions to build custom RPC endpoints that fit your dapp without changing its existing logic. Optimize dapp performance, improve user experience, and get greater control and flexibility both on-chain and during development.

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