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New Trace & Debug RPC Methods Supported on Tenderly Node

Mar 15, 2024 (a month ago)

New Trace & Debug RPC Methods Supported on Tenderly Node

Tenderly Node now supports RPC methods from the debug namespace, additional methods from the trace namespace, and the method eth_createAccessList.

trace namespace methods

  • trace_transaction: Traces the execution steps of a specific transaction.
  • trace_call: Similar to trace_transaction, but for simulating the transaction execution without sending it to the network.
  • trace_block: Traces all the transactions included in a block.
  • trace_callMany: Enables tracing of multiple transactions in a single call.
  • trace_replayTransaction: Replays a transaction, enabling you to see its execution step-by-step.
  • trace_replayBlockTransactions: Replays all transactions in a block, similar to trace_replayTransaction, but for an entire block.
  • trace_get: Retrieves the trace of a single transaction based on a block and transaction indices.

debug namespace methods

  • debug_traceTransaction: Provides a detailed execution trace of a transaction.
  • debug_traceCall: Simulates a call to the network (similar to eth_call) but provides a detailed execution trace.
  • debug_traceBlock: Traces the execution of all transactions in a given block.
  • debug_traceBlockByNumber: Traces the execution of all transactions in a block, identified by its number.
  • debug_traceBlockByHash: Similar to debug_traceBlockByNumber, but the block is identified by its hash.

eth namespace methods

eth_createAccessList: This method generates an access list for a transaction. This optimizes transaction processing by allowing the EVM to preload specified data, potentially reducing gas costs and increasing execution efficiency.

Log into Tenderly or create a free account and grab the network's RPC URL to try executing these methods.

Check out the documentation to explore other supported RPC methods.