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Tenderly Node Supports Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, and Arbitrum Sepolia

Feb 7, 2024 (4 months ago)

Tenderly Node Supports Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, and Arbitrum Sepolia

Tenderly now offers full platform-level and node support for Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, and Arbitrum Sepolia networks. This integration enables you to use Tenderly RPC Node as your RPC provider to interact with the networks by sending transactions or reading blockchain data.

Tenderly's suite of development tools, including Simulator, Debugger, Gas Profiler, Alerts, and Web3 Actions, is also available to developers across all three Arbitrum networks.

Arbitrum One (Arbitrum Rollup protocol)

RPC URL:{key}

As an L2 optimistic rollup chain, Arbitrum One implements the Arbitrum Rollup protocol and settles to Ethereum's L1 chain. Arbitrum One offers high-performance dapps with lower transaction fees while maintaining Ethereum's high-security standards without additional trust requirements.

Arbitrum Nova (AnyTrust protocol)

RPC URL:{key}

Arbitrum Nova is an alternative to Arbitrum One designed for high performance and cost-effectiveness. It implements the AnyTrust protocol, which is mostly trustless, compared to Arbitrum One, which is purely trustless.

Nova is ideal for applications requiring high performance and affordability, complementing Arbitrum One's focus on trustlessness.

Arbitrum Sepolia

RPC URL:{key}

The Arbitrum Sepolia testnet chain mirrors Arbitrum One's mainnet state. It provides a safe environment for developers to test and refine their smart contracts before launching them on the mainnet.

Getting started with Tenderly Node

We’ll automatically set up the RPC URLs and access keys for each supported network. You can integrate Tenderly Node into your code right out of the gate without any additional setup steps.

Get started by launching Tenderly Node.

Use Tenderly Node Extensions to build custom RPC endpoints that fit your dapp without changing its existing logic. Optimize dapp performance, improve user experience, and get greater control and flexibility both on-chain and during development.

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