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Node Extensions

Create a custom RPC interface for your dapp or search the library of community-sourced Node Extensions


What are Node Extensions?

With Tenderly Node Extensions, you can build and deploy custom RPCs and integrate them into your dapp, without changing its existing logic. You can also use preset, community-sourced Node Extensions for plug-and-play functionalities.

Want to help the community grow? Submit your custom Node Extensions to our library and help share some unique use cases.

Node Extension Library

Explore ready-made Node Extensions sourced from some of the key industry players.


Multicall Node Extension

Fetch the Uniswap ERC-20 balance, optimize eth_call performance, and minimize node RPC consumption.


Get Block Author on Polygon

Use this Node Extension to get the author of a block (a.k.k coinbase) on the Polygon network.


Price Feed Node Extension

Get the latest price feed from Chainlink with just the token pair information - no need for contract addresses.


Simulate Send Raw Transaction

Use a single request to simulate a signed transaction, make sure it's successful, and submit it on-chain./p>


Simulate Mempool Transaction Execution

Simulate a transaction that's still in the mempool and know its exact outcome while it's still pending.


Paymaster Node Extension

Activate this Node Extension to get the list of supported entryPoint contracts on the chain you're building.


Paymaster Node Extension

Check whether Pimlico’s Paymaster can sponsor a submitted User Operation on behalf of a wallet.


Paymaster Node Extension

Ask Pimlico’s Paymaster to sponsor a submitted User Operation on behalf of a third party.