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Asset Changes Added to Tenderly API and Dashboard

Jun 7, 2023 • a year ago

Asset Changes Added to Tenderly API and Dashboard

We’ve released a major update to the Tenderly API that introduces Asset Changes — including dollar value changes — to our Transaction Trace and Simulation API endpoints. Asset changes and dollar values are also now displayed in the Dashboard in the "Tokens transferred" section.

Retrieving asset changes via API

A new object asset_changes has been added to the API response that contains data about the token and its converted dollar value. This information is now provided by default, which eliminates the need for you to use other tools or integrations to calculate the conversion.

Asset changes present opportunities for wallets, DeFi projects, and DEXs to make transactions more human-readable for their users. For instance, displaying current dollar values alongside tokens can help users more intuitively understand the financial implications of their transactions.

The displayed dollar value represents the current dollar value, reflecting the most recent and relevant market data rather than historical values.

Asset Changes are currently available in the Transaction Trace endpoint, on Simulations, Forks, and in DevNets. Asset Changes in Tenderly’s node Web3 Gateway and SDK will be released soon.

Overview of the asset_changes object

Asset Changes and dollar value data are computed in real-time. This ensures you’re getting the most up-to-date information essential for effective decision-making. The most commonly used token standards are supported: ERC20 and ERC721.

The asset_changes object is accessible through transaction > transaction_info > asset_changes.

The API returns the following data as part of the response:

Find more details about using and accessing Asset Changes in the documentation.