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Debugger Update: 3x Improved Visibility Into Smart Contract Execution

Nov 29, 2023 • 8 months ago

Debugger Update: 3x Improved Visibility Into Smart Contract Execution

Tenderly Debugger now provides 3x more granularity and visibility into smart contract execution. The core of this update revolves around integrating storage variables and event logs into the Debugger and Gas Profiler.

Now, you can dive deeper into state reading and writing (SLOAD and SSTORE) opcodes, as well as emitted event information (LOGX where X is [0,1,2,3,4]).

This data is displayed in the transaction trace overview section within the Debugger UI for both live and simulated transactions. Toggle the “Event Logs” and/or “Storage Access” buttons to view the data in the execution trace.


Gas Profiler has also been updated to include storage and event functions. This feature provides a clearer understanding of the execution and gas consumption patterns. You can now see which variables were accessed, their corresponding values, and the logs that were generated during execution.

These enhancements collectively offer more options for optimizing smart contract code, focusing on reducing gas consumption and improving debugging overall efficiency.