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Tenderly Node and Simulations Are Now Even Faster

Nov 3, 2023 • 8 months ago

Tenderly Node and Simulations Are Now Even Faster

Brace yourselves for some major speed improvements on the Tenderly Node and Simulation API.

We've boosted the performance of standard compute methods eth_call, eth_estimateGas, and advanced compute methods, including tenderly_simulateTransaction on the Tenderly Node.

Thanks to an innovative caching solution, we're seeing latency times drastically cut by 80%. To put it in real numbers, you should see response times drop from 150 ms down to 30 ms.

Simulation API: Enhanced speed and efficiency

Simulation API is also faster!

We’ve managed to ramp up its performance by 50%. How? By streamlining the decoding workflow and implementing smart caching techniques. The result? Faster, more efficient simulations for your dapp and users.

Dashboard upgrade: Simulations at your fingertips

Navigating through your simulations is now a breeze. We’ve added the simulated transaction ID as a new column on the Simulations Overview page. This addition means you can quickly pinpoint simulations of interest from the Dashboard.

Want to integrate simulations into your dapp or wallet? Check out the Simulation API documentation to get started.