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Tenderly Now Supports Base Mainnet & Testnet

Aug 9, 2023 (2 months ago)

Tenderly Now Supports Base Mainnet & Testnet

The Base Mainnet is now supported across the entire Tenderly platform. The Base Goerli testnet is also supported. Read the announcement post. 📣

Access the Base Mainnet via Tenderly’s production node: https://base.gateway.tenderly.co.

Develop & test on Base with Tenderly

You can develop and test transactions on the Base Mainnet with Tenderly DevNets. DevNets allow you to fork the Base Mainnet or testnet, where you can deploy contracts and run transactions in a private and isolated environment.

Get started with Base on DevNets. 🚀

🔄 Transaction simulations are also supported on Base.

Easily add a transaction preview option to your Base dapp with Tenderly’s Simulation API and Simulation RPC. Allow your users to preview the outcome of their transactions, help them build confidence in your dapp, and understand the financial implications of their transactions.

Base is supported across the entire Tenderly platform:

  • Tenderly's node Web3 Gateway
  • Simulation UI, API & RPC
  • DevNets
  • Forks
  • Alerts
  • Web3 Actions

Use Tenderly DevNets to build, test, and debug smart contracts against production data of 30+ EVM networks. Get an unlimited faucet, reusable YAML templates, and built-in debugging tools to deploy on-chain faster.

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