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How to Build on Base With Tenderly From Day 1

Learn how to build, test, deploy, and monitor your dapp on Base Mainnet with Tenderly's full-stack infrastructure. Speedrun your development and go live on Base faster with the infrastructure and tooling you need in one place.

Milica Lukic
Milica Lukic
Aug 9, 2023 · 5 min read

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The ecosystem keeps growing, but it keeps scaling too! Today, Base Mainnet is open for everyone. Base is a developer-friendly Layer 2 solution incubated by Coinbase to bring the next billion users on-chain. It’s built to be a home for Coinbase on-chain products, as well as an open ecosystem where anyone can build.

Backed by Optimism’s OP Stack and built as an EVM equivalent, Base brings scalability, security, and stability. It enables you to quickly deploy your existing dapp or start building a new one with essential tools and infrastructure seamlessly integrated. This Layer 2 network also allows you to deploy your dapp at a fraction of the cost and with the possibility to access other chains. 

To start building on Base Mainnet, you can use Tenderly’s full-stack infrastructure throughout your development journey. By providing tools and infrastructural solutions from development to production, Tenderly enables you to focus on building, testing, and deploying your dapp faster. 

Ready to become a Base Builder? Let’s get started!

How to speedrun dapp development on Base with Tenderly

Base is designed to provide easy, secure access to L1 and L2 ecosystems, and serve as a bridge for users to the broader on-chain ecosystem. With Tenderly’s support and guidance, you can speed up your dapp development and start reaping the benefits of Base faster. 

You can use Tenderly’s testing, simulation, and production infrastructure, as well as essential developer tooling, to focus on building a high-performing product on Base. So, forget about piecing every infra component together and wasting your time on endless setups. Here’s how to do it instead:

1. Develop and test in a zero-setup environment with DevNets

Think of DevNets as your private Base network replica, with all assets you need already deployed and unlocked, including public accounts. With an unlimited faucet, reusable YAML templates, and built-in developer tooling, you can quickly start iterating on your dapp logic. You also get compatibility with your favorite frameworks to integrate DevNets into your existing flows. 

base mainnet faucet
A DevNet environment for developing and testing on Base

So, if you want to build a high-performing dapp on Base, you can use Tenderly DevNets to: 

  1. Spin up your environment in seconds and see exactly how your dapp would behave in production. Iterate on its dapp logic privately, but with all the production data you need and without any performance delays.
  2. Create and integrate reusable YAML testing templates into your flows without adjusting your code. 
  3. Shorten your feedback loops by inspecting bugs in detail with built-in Tenderly Debugger and validating your fixes instantly with Transaction Simulator. 
  4. Analyze and optimize the gas usage of your code with Gas Profiler by breaking it down granularly by function calls. 

2. Use the simulation infrastructure to build a user-friendly dapp

By integrating Tenderly’s simulation infrastructure, you can provide a more value and overall better, more intuitive experience to your users, abstracting away the complexity of interacting with Web3 dapps. You can help your users feel at ease when interacting with Base through your dapp. In return, this will help you build confidence in your product and establish trust with your users. 

With Tenderly’s simulations, your users can: 

  1. Prevent failed transactions and save money on gas fees by previewing transaction outcomes before submitting them to Base.
  2. Understand complex, chained transactions by seeing all transferred assets, emitted events, and state changes. 
  3. Onboard onto your dapp faster and explore its functionalities for free by running a dapp simulation mode. 

3. Deploy through Web3 Gateway and go live fast

Integrating Tenderly Web3 Gateway, a production-ready node, allows you to simulate and send transactions in the same place. You can integrate Tenderly’s Simulation RPC, dry-run users’ transactions, and, if they’re successful, send them to Base. You can even simulate bundled transactions by using tenderly_simulateBundle.

base network rpc
Tenderly node RPC Builder for the Base network

Additionally, Web3 Gateway brings you a stable and multiregional connection with the Base network. Plus, your dapp can interact with Base up to eight times faster than the industry standard when it comes to read-heavy workloads. 

And aside from offering all the standard APIs, the Tenderly node is fully customizable. It allows you to deploy your custom code within our node using Tenderly Node Extensions. You can create your own custom RPC methods and give your dapp some unique functionalities, improve its scalability, performance, and extensibility, and cater to the unique needs of your users. 

rpc base mainnet
Testing a Node Extension for Base Mainnet

4. Keep an eye on your dapp actively and respond instantly  

Once your dapp is up and running on the Base network, don’t forget to keep track of what’s going on. To always stay one step ahead, set up an active and automated incident management system with Tenderly: 

  • Use real-time Alerting to receive up-to-date notifications. You can set up alerts for (un)successful transactions, emitted events in specified smart contracts, token transfers, balance changes of a specific address on the Base network, etc. Once your alert is triggered, you receive notifications to your selected destination, including webhooks, email, Discord, Slack, and Telegram. 
Setting up real-time alerts for Base
Setting up real-time alerts for Base
  • Respond with custom code automatically with Web3 Actions. Tenderly Web3 Actions can serve as programmable hooks that can respond to specific on-chain events with custom code. You can also choose a Web3 Action as a destination for your alert and have custom code executed automatically as a response to the event that triggered your alert.  
Creating a Web3 Action for Base Mainnet
Creating a Web3 Action for Base Mainnet

Do it all in one place with Tenderly & build faster and smarter on Base

The Base Mainnet network unlocks new scaling and usability opportunities for builders who decide to join and contribute to the ecosystem. If you’re ready to start building on Base, Tenderly offers you the infrastructure, tooling, and support you need to do it more efficiently from day one. 

All it takes is to spin up your development environment and you get access to essential developer tooling to get to production faster. Leave the infrastructure to Tenderly and get a head start building a killer dapp on Base. 

Use Tenderly Node Extensions to build custom RPC endpoints that fit your dapp without changing its existing logic. Optimize dapp performance, improve user experience, and get greater control and flexibility both on-chain and during development.

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