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Meet us in Brussels for EthCC 7!

The largest annual European Ethereum gathering is back for its most unique edition yet, as EthCC [7] moves to Brussels, Belgium, for its 2024 edition! Web3 teams from around the globe will gather for the premier Web3 conference and a week packed with side events.

Meet us in Brussels for EthCC 7!

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The premier European Web3 conference and gathering is back for another edition. In its seventh edition, EthCC will take place in Brussels, Belgium, a significant shift from its previous location in Paris. This change was made to avoid coinciding with the Summer Olympic Games in Paris, bringing the conference to the de facto Capital of Europe, where crucial decisions for the old continent are made.

In terms of size, volume, and significance, EthCC remains one of the core global Web3 events we always look forward to. You’ll be able to meet our team members in Brussels from July 7th to 12th. Read on and join us to celebrate Web3 and the Ethereum ecosystem as our community gathers in the heart of Europe.

What to expect from EthCC 7 

In recent years, the Web3 community learned to save the date, as July became the month of EthCC (Ethereum Community Conference), the largest annual European Ethereum gathering.

This year, the flagship conference will take place from July 8-11th, while the EthCCWeek, filled with numerous side events, will take place over the entire second week of July.

As the first EthCC not taking place in Paris, the conference will bring the Web3 community to Brussels this time. The main conference venue will be the famous SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, which hosts the biggest conferences in Belgium's capital. It’s located on Mont des Arts, an urban and historical complex in central Brussels.

The conference continues its tradition of focusing on community and knowledge sharing. It features an impressive 250 speakers across 13 tracks covering the basics, including developer tooling, core protocols, security, rollups, wallets, DeFi, and more.

As the most important non-profit community event in Web3, EthCC was the birthplace of innovation, education, new projects, and products. Conversations, discussions, and workshops were the cornerstones of this traditionally builder-focused event. The 2024 edition will be no different, featuring a mind-boggling number of side events each day of the week.

Tenderly during the EthCC Week

We look forward to another amazing opportunity to meet our community members, friends, partners, and users in person in Brussels during EthCCWeek. Throughout the week, you’ll be able to meet our team members Bogdan, Ivan, Nenad, and Nikola, so feel free to ping them directly. We’ll participate in and attend a great number of events where you’ll be able to meet them alongside the main conference venue.

War Room Games Brussels

Last year, we hosted one of the most unique War Room Games together with Yearn in the world’s biggest startup campus, the famous Station F. For this year’s War Room Games, we’re partnering with the awesome Chainsecurity team, which provides security audits and develops tools to protect Web3 projects. 

The stage is all set to welcome hacker delegations that will take it upon themselves to exploit some unique challenges the audit experts came up with. As is always the case with one of our Capture The Flag events, rewards will be ripe for taking, but previous Solidity and/or security knowledge is necessary. 

Conscription is still open, so register for one of the few remaining slots and join us for the digital Battle of Waterloo!

Lobsterdao and Frens: Brussels Edition

After this year’s most visited ETH Belgrade social event, we’re teaming up again with our dear friends from lobsterdao for the second edition, taking place during EthCC in Brussels. Join Daedalus, DeFi Saver, Blockscout, ACI from Aave, Redstone, Gearbox, Renzo, and Hedgehog protocol for this hangout, with vibes, food, and a splendid view of Brussels.

As the venue can accommodate a limited number of people, we kindly ask you to register via link:

Other notable events

During the most important Web3 week in Europe, we’ll also be visiting a few notable events:

Between the previous and this year, we focused heavily on polishing our product and providing new, unique features to help developers and teams improve their Web3 development experience and workflows. We couldn’t be more proud of launching Virtual TestNets, the next generation of Web3 development infrastructure, which revolutionized dapp development for numerous teams. We’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts and share all of the benefits and nuances to bring you up to speed. 

Meet us at one of the many side events we’ll be visiting during EthCC, or join us for drinks at our lobsterdao & frens hangout. Also, if you have the necessary skills, register for our War Room Games Brussels and join the delegations in their attempt to emerge victorious and win some big rewards.

See you in Brussels! 🎉