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Welcome Linea: Tenderly Now Supports ZK-Powered Chains

Tenderly integrates Linea and opens support for ZK-powered chains. The integration facilitates developers' journey on Linea, giving them essential infrastructure and tools to build innovative products. It also unlocks Tenderly's support for other ZK-based chains, facilitating multichain development.

Tenderly integrates Linea and expands support to ZK-powered chains

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Linea is an EVM-equivalent Layer 2 solution. The chain is a zk rollup that employs quantum-resistant lattice-based cryptography to generate zero-knowledge proofs, bringing significantly lower transaction costs and greater transaction speed. 

The chain’s EVM equivalency enables you to port your dapp to Linea without making significant code changes or rewriting your smart contracts. Additionally, it also enables the seamless use of existing developer tools and services thanks to their native network support.

Linea is the first ZK solution that Tenderly introduced to its list of supported networks, opening new integration possibilities. By unlocking support for ZK-powered L2s and appchains, Tenderly is now able to seamlessly integrate zero-knowledge rollups and continue supporting developers across different ecosystems. By providing integral infrastructure components across different types of EVM chains, Tenderly strives to simplify and unify development in a multichain environment.  

Now, with Tenderly’s support from development to production, you can use full-stack infrastructure integrated with essential development tools to build on Linea with ease.

Why build on Linea with Tenderly

The Linea network aims to provide developers with a seamless experience without limitations imposed by scalability issues or high costs. Sharing the same vision, Tenderly strives to support developers throughout their journeys in the multichain ecosystem by providing integral building blocks and developer tools within the same, user-friendly platform. 

“Linea elevates the Layer 2 developer experience with its EVM compatibility, making it feel like home for Ethereum developers. Its 'dapp-first' approach ensures a seamless transition and effective utilization of its secure zkEVM blockchain. Tenderly's integration into Linea's growing tooling ecosystem amplifies this experience, providing developers with robust tools to build superior dapps efficiently. This not only attracts more developers but also enhances the quality and innovation of dapps on Linea, pushing the ecosystem further." – Declan Fox, Product Lead, Linea

Thanks to Tenderly’s newly enabled support for ZK-powered networks, you can use a full-stack infrastructure to build on Linea and get the following benefits: 

  • Seamless tooling availability and streamlined dapp porting thanks to Linea’s EVM equivalency and Tenderly’s availability on more than 35 EVM chains. You can use Tenderly’s suite of development, infrastructure, and observability components out-of-the-box, with full compatibility with some of the existing frameworks such as HardHat and Foundry. 
  • Low gas fees and greater transaction speed enabled by Linea’s zkEVM implementation which significantly reduces costs, with up to 15x cheaper gas fees than Ethereum. Additionally, Tenderly enables you to further optimize the gas consumption of your smart contracts even before deploying them to Linea, so you can additionally maximize gas savings. 
  • Flexibility and long-term scalability throughout development since Linea’s a composable network, designed to be accessible to developers. Plus, Tenderly gives you essential tools and services that cover each stage of multichain development and production under one roof.
  • Focus on building innovative solutions with strong infrastructure and integral tooling already in place. Both Linea and Tenderly want to ensure seamless tooling and infrastructure availability. This way, you can have everything you need already implemented so you can direct your resources toward building your products.

How to build and scale your dapp on Linea with Tenderly

Tenderly’s full-stack infrastructure platform brings together a diverse set of integrated building blocks and tools, covering each stage of dapp development and production usage. With such a full-stack approach, Tenderly strives to give you everything you need to optimize your development on Linea, as well as other ZK chains, for maximum impact.

“Multichain solutions are a way forward for scaling Ethereum and sustaining the ecosystem growth. Tenderly’s integration of Linea is an important step as it unlocks our support for ZK-powered networks, further ensuring integral tooling availability in a multichain environment. By supporting Linea and other major EVM chains, we strive to equip Web3 teams with essential infrastructure, unify their fragmented experience, and enable them to build more efficiently as they drive the industry forward.” – Bogdan Habic, CTO and co-founder of Tenderly. 

So, as the multichain ecosystem continues to evolve, you will have familiar Tenderly tools in place across different ZK and optimistic rollup solutions, so you can focus on innovating without the hassle of assembling the infrastructure yourself. 

Here’s how you can get started building on Linea with Tenderly.

1. Get a comprehensive project overview within a single dashboard

When building on Linea with Tenderly, you get all the needed information within a single dashboard. You can deploy and verify contracts on Tenderly, keeping them private within your project. You can also add existing Linea contracts or wallets to monitor their activity, with a clear overview of all executed transactions, added assets, performed simulations, and other project activities. 

Adding a Linea contract to Tenderly
Adding a Linea contract to Tenderly

Additionally, if needed, you can easily switch between Linea and other networks, with all tools seamlessly enabled. With its expanded support for L2s and appchains running on top of a zkEVM implementation, Tenderly can introduce new ZK-powered networks, giving you a single hub for multichain development should you decide to expand to other chains.  

2. Build and test privately under realistic conditions

Instead of deploying to Linea and hoping for the best, use Tenderly to build your product against Linea’s on-chain data while still in development. By using Tenderly DevNets, you can get a development and testing environment that replicates Linea’s conditions, yet lets you experiment without spending any gas. This way, you can test actual smart contract and protocol interactions without deploying to a public network until you’re ready to go live. 

Creating a DevNet environment based on Linea's on-chain data
Creating a DevNet environment based on Linea's on-chain data

Plus, since Tenderly gives you immediate access to development tools, you can also: 

  • Inspect transaction execution in detail, with information on the involved contracts, emitted events, state changes, and more.
An overview of a transaction on Linea
An overview of a transaction on Linea
  • Examine and debug failed transactions immediately, going through each line of code and finding the root cause with pinpoint precision.  
  • Analyze and optimize gas consumption prior to deployment, with a granular overview of gas usage per function call. 
  • Validate bug fixes or test different scenarios with transaction simulations to gain insights into the expected results and avoid any unwanted consequences.  
Simulating a transaction on Linea
Simulating a transaction on Linea

3. Get maximum observability into on-chain data

With Tenderly, you get a high level of observability into the behavior of your dapp, as well as any other relevant events on Linea. Aside from gathering information while still in development, you can also gain valuable production insights in easily accessible ways: 

  • Add any Linea contract of interest to Tenderly, inspect its executed or failed transactions in Transaction Overview, and continue experimenting with Debugger, Gas Profiler, and Transaction Simulator.
  • Monitor different on-chain events with Tenderly Alerting and stay up to date with your dapp usage on Linea. Don’t let any critical event pass unnoticed – get notifications directly to your inbox. 
Creating a real-time alert for on-chain events on Linea
Creating a real-time alert for on-chain events on Linea
  • Set up automated responses to critical on-chain events with Web3 Actions. Have custom code executed automatically as soon as your alerts are triggered. This way, you react quickly in time-sensitive situations.
Creating a block-based Web3 Action on Linea
Creating a block-based Web3 Action on Linea

How to make your dapp stand out on Linea

In addition to helping you optimize your development, testing, and monitoring processes on Linea, Tenderly also enables you to build products that will cut through the noise. In particular, transaction simulations have become a standard in the industry, helping you build a safe, intuitive, and user-friendly product. 

So, you can integrate Tenderly’s simulation infrastructure into your wallet, dapp, or DeFi platform to help users: 

  • Preview transactions and understand their outcomes before sending them on-chain.
  • Send transactions with confidence and peace of mind, knowing exactly what will happen. 
  • Avoid any hidden security risks, malicious attempts, or costly mistakes. 
  • Save valuable resources on gas by preventing failed transactions caused by out-of-gas errors. 
  • Explore your product’s functionalities and experiment with DeFi strategies in a safe, simulated environment without spending any real money.
Tenderly’s Transaction Preview Snap for MetaMask uses the simulation infrastructure to give you certainty, confidence, and transparency when approving transactions. Give it a try!

Make a real impact on Linea with Tenderly

Thanks to Linea’s zk technology and EVM equivalency and Tenderly’s full-stack approach to Web3 development, you can innovate on this L2 solution with maximum efficiency, velocity, and confidence. Additionally, thanks to newly enabled support for ZK chains, Tenderly continues to support you in the growing multi-chain ecosystem of L2s and appchains, giving you essential infrastructure and tools across different EVM networks.  

Take full advantage of the seamless tooling availability at your disposal and focus on building your product. Set up your development and testing environment and start building right away!