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Introducing Tenderly Web3 Gateway for an All-in-One Web3 Developer Experience

Tenderly launches Tenderly Web3 Gateway, an easy-to-scale production node for reliable access to the blockchain. Learn all about Tenderly Web3 Gateway, how it’s integrated with our all-in-one development platform, and how it helps you build better dapps with ease and confidence.

Introducing Tenderly Web3 Gateway for an All-in-One Web3 Developer Experience

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From long debugging and slow troubleshooting to inaccessible data and no control over on-chain activity, blockchain development is not kind to smart contract engineers. We experienced these and many other challenges of developing in the growing Web3 industry firsthand.

So, even from the early days, we always had a clear idea for Tenderly and a mission to facilitate Web3 development. We wanted to create a platform where blockchain engineers could have all the tooling they need to streamline blockchain development and build better dapps with speed and confidence.

Working toward this mission, we’re launching a new product today – Tenderly Web3 Gateway. With our production node as a service (NaaS) solution, we’re expanding the Tenderly platform to provide smart contract engineers with an all-in-one Web3 developer experience.

Developing smarter with the all-in-one Tenderly platform

Our all-in-one platform allows you to go through entire dapp development from a single place. Now, you can simplify and accelerate your development journey and enjoy a frictionless experience throughout the process. The Tenderly platform enables you to build, test, monitor, and operate smart contracts from their inception to mass adoption.

“It’s awesome to work with the Tenderly team! Their support and execution are world-class, and the team is constantly pushing the boundaries of developer tooling. Now, with Tenderly Web3 Gateway, we are excited to unify our development environment and have all we need in one place”, said Felix Leupold, technical co-founder at Cow Swap

With everything in one place, you can:

  1. Build reliable smart contracts in a forgiving development environment: Write and execute your code with confidence, reduce overall costs by optimizing gas usage, and simulate transactions before sending them on-chain. If any of your transactions go wrong, test your fixes in a production-like testing environment before implementing them.
  2. Boost your team’s development velocity and collaboration: Use the Tenderly development platform to collaborate easily across different teams and enhance their code development velocity. Without siloed tooling, you can easily guide your teammates throughout the entire project flow.
  3. Create impactful dapps quickly and easily: Without having to deal with infrastructure setup and maintenance, you can build your product while focusing on its quality and reliability. Stay up to date with relevant events, boost your dapp user interface, and get from an idea to a full-fledged dapp quickly.

Integrating Tenderly Web3 Gateway for complete access to essential tooling

Tenderly Web3 Gateway is a production NaaS solution with standard JSON-RPC endpoints. It’s completely integrated with the rest of the platform, bringing a 360 approach to dapp development. This managed node is based on an advanced, innovative architecture, which delivers up to eight times faster performance when dealing with archival data-heavy workloads when compared to the industry standard.

The architecture of Tenderly Web3 Gateway

As an integral part of any dapp infrastructure, Tenderly Web3 Gateway helps you eliminate infrastructure management overhead, focus on your product, and provide uninterrupted service to your end users.

“With Tenderly Web3 Gateway as our node solution, we don't have to worry about multi-chain setup and maintenance. Also, connecting our Tenderly Web3 Actions to the Gateway resulted in x15 speed improvement, making our automation blazing fast, ” said 0xGorillaDev.eth, CTO at Wonderland.

Free access to archive data with Web3 Gateway

Tenderly Web3 Gateway allows you to make free _get RPC requests for archive data and use it for a range of scenarios, including:

  • Enriching your dapp development process by analyzing historical data.
  • Providing comprehensive analytics to your dapp users.
  • Identifying past vulnerabilities and minimizing possible security risks.
  • Assessing market trends and trying out complex trading scenarios so you can execute your future strategies effectively.

Want to learn how to use Tenderly Web3 Gateway in your project? See our step-by-step demo video.

ℹ️ We have a free and three flexible pricing plans, along with the Early Adopter special offer. For more information, see our pricing page or contact

Ensuring a fully integrated Web3 developer experience

Reflecting back on how it all started, we cannot be more proud of how far we’ve come. Now, the Tenderly platform offers a fully integrated developer experience, combining comprehensive development tools with observability and infrastructure building blocks.  

Tenderly Web3 Gateway tightly integrated with the Tenderly development platform

The Tenderly development platform guides you through every aspect of smart contract development, from inception to mass adoption. It consists of three core groups:

1. Development

Tenderly development tooling allows you to handle dapp and protocol development from start to finish on more than 20 supported networks. Use it to build, test, and optimize your smart contracts while saving time and money.

For instance, use Debugger and Gas Profiler to build reliable and gas-optimized smart contracts. Then, rely on Transaction Simulator to validate your solutions or preview transaction outcomes before sending them on-chain. Try everything out in your own production-based Tenderly Fork environment before confidently deploying your smart contracts.

2. Observability

The observability stack brings you greater visibility into live smart contract usage. It allows you to resolve and prevent possible issues by making in-depth, real-time blockchain data easily accessible and usable.

To react to on-chain events of interest, use Alerting to receive customizable notifications and plan your responses accordingly. You can also turn to Analytics for trend insights and track what matters to your project.

3. Infrastructure 3.0

Tenderly Infrastructure 3.0 gives you everything you need for smooth smart contract integration and blockchain interaction. It consists of the following elements:

  • Web3 Gateway, our  production node as a service offering, gives you blockchain access and allows you to perform read-heavy workloads up to eight times faster than before.
  • Simulation API and other Tenderly APIs eliminate manual work and accelerate dapp development. Simulation API also helps improve overall end-user experience by enabling users to preview transaction outcomes and send them with confidence.
  • Web3 Actions allow you to automate your workflow and respond to on-chain and off-chain events in less than a second.

With Tenderly’s infrastructure building blocks, you can eliminate setup and maintenance overhead and focus your resources on building your dapp instead. You also get greater control over your smart contracts during development, testing, and in production.

"Tenderly’s development tools and observability stack have become an essential part of our flow these past few years. For instance, Tenderly Simulations already enabled us to provide a better user experience to our customers. And now, with the fast and reliable Web3 Gateway node, Tenderly really makes all aspects of our development process as easy as possible", explains Samyak Jain, co-founder and CTO at Instadapp.

Looking forward to what’s ahead

The immutability of smart contracts and exposure to external blockchain factors make Web3 development highly stressful and, at times, completely unpredictable. We always strived to relieve the stress and anxiety of blockchain development, while supporting the global adoption of blockchain technology which we believe is the future of software.

Our way of realizing our mission is to support you, Web3 developers, by delivering the essential tools and resources you need to build better products faster. To enjoy the professional developer experience we’re all accustomed to, join the all-in-one Tenderly platform for free and start innovating in Web3!