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Transaction Confirmed: Tenderly Beta Now Open to Public

I cannot be more happy to announce that the Tenderly beta is open to everyone! Head on over to https://tenderly.dev/, and start monitoring!

Bogdan Habic
Bogdan Habic
Mar 21, 2019 · 3 min read

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Transaction Confirmed: Tenderly Beta Now Open to Public

I must admit: the title took me longer to think of than the rest of this article, but I digress before even starting. Welcome, to the copywriting playground of mine that is the Tenderly blog (I’m a developer, this is hard, please send help).

Tenderly beta now live!

I cannot be more happy to announce that the Tenderly beta is now open to everyone! Head on over to https://tenderly.co/, click on Start Monitoring, and in less than 5 minutes you can start tracking your Smart Contracts in real-time!

Once you have your account all set up, create a project and push your contracts to it. It’s effortless, and the project creation wizard takes you through it.

If you want to poke around the dashboard, without pushing your contracts, you can add any verified contract from Etherscan. A good example is the MakerDAO OasisDex contract which can be found at the address: 0x39755357759ce0d7f32dc8dc45414cca409ae24e. Again, create a project, select the import Verified Contract option, enter the address, and voila: Contract added and ready to monitor!

Right now error tracking is generally available, with alerting coming up next.

Below you can see an example stack trace for a failed transaction:

Just think about how much time you can save the next time when you have to debug an issue for a given transaction

Why is this helpful?

We’ve all had our fair share of debugging mainnet/testnet transactions that didn’t want to come through without any apparent reason. With Tenderly you don’t have to bash your head on the keyboard trying to hit the correct OP code in Remix or add unnecessary logs to gain some transparency when it comes to the execution of your contract.

What I find even more helpful is the fact that you see everything that is going wrong with your contract. There’s no need to check Etherscan regularly or to fear if someone is trying to hack your Smart Contract. Who knew you don’t need to pick security over convenience.

But wait, there’s more!

Last week we came back from ETHCC, an Ethereum community conference in Paris where our very own Andrej held a talk at the Dev Tools track, where he shared how we made Solidity stack traces human readable. You can see his talk on the following link.

Other than ETHCC, we also participated at ETHParis, a 300 participant hackathon and we won 2 of the 4 winning places! We are very proud of what our team achieved and are eager to share the tooling we made in the coming weeks.

Briefly, we made TXFlow which allows Ethereum developers to see the whole execution flow for a given transaction. Think of it as a one-page call trace/debugger.

The second project we’ve built is Zippo which enables developers to persist the state of Smart Contracts while they are developing. So to put it more clearly: Zippo gives you web development grade hot module reloading while developing Smart Contracts locally.

To wrap up

Like all things not blockchain, this article has to come to an end. To quickly recap:

  • We have opened the Tenderly beta for everyone
  • You can sign-up over at https://tenderly.co/
  • Adding contracts is easy as running a terminal command or entering a contract address
  • Alerting is coming up next to the platform
  • We had great success and fun at ETHCC and ETHParis
  • We’ve open-sourced TXFlow; a one-page debugger (more on this in a future article)
  • We’ve also open-sourced Zippo; a hot module reload system for Smart Contracts (more on this in a future article as well)

Thanks for sticking with me until the end! As always you can reach us on our Discord or by shooting us an e-mail over at support@tenderly.co.

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