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Boba Network on the Ethereum Chain Supported in Web3 Gateway

May 17, 2023 (23 days ago)

Boba Network on the Ethereum Chain Supported in Web3 Gateway

Now you can use Tenderly Web3 Gateway as your production node solution for accessing the Boba Network on the Ethereum chain through a single RPC URL or WebSocket.

To start interacting with the Boba Network on Ethereum, navigate to Web3 Gateway from the Dashboard, copy the RPC URL, and add it to your code.

Additionally, you now also have the ability to add the Boba Ethereum RPC to Metamask directly from the Dashboard with a single click.

Boba Network is also fully supported on Tenderly DevNets, allowing you to test and debug your dapps and smart contracts on a copy of the latest state of the network.

Support for mixed batches in Web3 Gateway

  • We've also introduced mixed batches in Web3 Gateway. Previously, we only supported batches with the same JSON-RPC method. Now, you can include a combination of different methods in a single batch, giving you more flexibility.

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