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Tenderly Node Release Week

Apr 11, 2023 (6 months ago)

Tenderly Node Release Week

A whole week filled with back-to-back new releases from Tenderly. We're delivering our full-stack infra solutions to address some of the known issues in Web3 development. Stay tuned!

🧩 Introducing Node Extensions

Node Extensions provide a powerful way to create and deploy custom JSON-RPC endpoints that encapsulate functionalities specific to your dapp or protocol. Node Extensions allow you to extend and customize the Tenderly node so it fits perfectly into your dapp.

You can create custom RPC extensions that are completely private, with the possibility to edit them at any time. Or you can use any of the pre-made extensions from the Node Extension Library. All of the templates are available on GitHub, so feel free to explore them in greater detail.

Getting started with Node Extensions:

⚙️ Tenderly SDK Released

All your must-have Tenderly tools packaged into a single library, enabling you to move faster through the development stages. The Tenderly SDK is available for download as a Typescript library from npm. It supports three core functionalities:

  • Simulating transactions (individual and bundled)
  • Verifying and managing smart contracts
  • Managing wallets

Get started by downloading the Tenderly SDK from npm, or you can check out the code on GitHub.

Helpful resources for learning how to use the Tenderly SDK:

🛠️ DevNets Released: Start building instantly

Development Networks or DevNets is a zero-setup, managed development environment for developing, testing, and debugging smart contracts. With DevNets, you get access to Tenderly's development and debugging toolkit built into the development environment. DevNets also smoothly integrate into your existing workflows and favorite local development frameworks such as HardHat, Foundry, Truffle, or Brownie.

DevNets quick feature overview

  • Zero-setup, fully managed environment – nothing to install and no dependencies to manage.
  • Tenderly's leading suite of development and debugging tools built into the environment, such as Debugger, Gas Profiler, Trace Transaction, and Simulator.
  • Develop and test on production data from 30+ Tenderly-supported networks.
  • Create reusable environment templates to instantly spin up a new network with a fresh state.

Resources to help you get started with DevNets:

Use Tenderly DevNets to build, test, and debug smart contracts against production data of 30+ EVM networks. Get an unlimited faucet, reusable YAML templates, and built-in debugging tools to deploy on-chain faster.

Start building with DevNets!