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Tenderly’s Coming to Dappcon

Dappcon, or Developer Conference for Ethereum Infrastructure and Dapps, is a prime conference for developers in the Web3 ecosystem. After last year’s exciting edition, which we proudly attended, we’re happy to visit Berlin again.

Tenderly’s Coming to Dappcon

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Guten Morgen! 

Our team will be attending the Dappcon conference in Berlin for the second year in a row. Dappcon remains true to its roots by carrying the legacy of a conference with a strong development and infrastructure focus. It offers one of the best opportunities for Ethereum developers and infrastructure providers to gather, network, and discuss the latest developments in the Web3 space.

What YSK about Dappcon

After last year’s edition, we’re glad to take part in this great event yet again. Hosted by our dear friends from the Gnosis team, Dappcon will take place from September 11-13, 2023, at Radialsystem in Berlin

During these three intense days, attendees will have the opportunity to hear about the latest trends and developments happening in the infrastructure space of the Web3 ecosystem. Get ready for the thinkers, developers, and founders of leading Web3 teams like Safe, Aave, CowProtocol, OriginTrail, ENS, Gnosis, PWN, Oasis Network, MetaMask, Chainlink Labs, Paraswap, ENSO Finance, Furucombo, Polygon, to name a few.

Where to find us at Dappcon

We have lots of activities planned for Dappcon 2023. So here’s a brief rundown.

Stop by the official booth

We’ll be welcome all Dappcon attendees to our booth in the main Exhibition Hall of the Radialsystem venue

As on the previous Ethereum conferences, some of our lovely team members will be there to greet you. Stop by to say hi or get some info about some of products, like Web3 Gateway, DevNets, Node Extensions as well as some even more amazing features we’re preparing to push out in the coming period. 

For all those looking to dip their fingers into Web3 for the first time, the team will showcase how Tenderly provides Web3 devs with the full-stack infrastructure solution. You can learn how to use Tenderly for everything from developing and debugging your first smart contract and deploying it to the Mainnet to securing and staying in the loop with your dapp usage in production.

We also prepared some engaging and challenging puzzles. Going from the most simple one to some requiring some time and effort, solving these puzzles gives you an opportunity to have fun and win some swag.

And for all of you POAP collectors, another unique Tenderly Dappcon POAP will be waiting for you at our booth to scan away.

So, definitely stop by, say hi, solve some puzzles, and score some amazing, unique Dappcon-themed Tenderly merch!

Join a Tenderly workshop on Devnets

On the second day of Dappcon, in the Execution Layer Room (Studio B) from 13:30 to 15:30h, our amazing DevRel Nenad will be holding a workshop titled: Build, Test, CI: Zero-Setup Infrastructure for Dapp Development.

The aim of the workshop is to take the attendees through the process of development and debugging smart contracts in a private, zero-setup, managed DevNet environment. 

Following this, attendees will be able to ensure the reliability of their smart contracts by writing automated tests and catching regressions early on. To close it off, attendees and Nenad will put it all together by setting up a CI pipeline.

Here’s the workshop outline:

  1. Smart Contracts Development & Debugging
  2. Smart Contracts Testing
  3. Dapp UI Testing
  4. CI for Smart Contracts and Dapp Tests

In line with the overall sentiment of Dappcon, Nenad’s workshop will be slightly technical in nature and will require some knowledge of Web3 space and tooling.

Don’t miss Nenad’s workshop by adding it to your calendar!

Attend Bogdan’s talk, a Dappcon tradition

At Dappcon 2022, Bogdan left a big impression on numerous attendees who attended his talk on making people feel more comfortable in Web3. It was, in fact, one of the more memorable talks of the last year's edition. Rightly so, our friends and Dappcon organisers from the Gnosis team were more than happy to bring Bogdan, once again, to the centre stage. So, he’ll share his thoughts on the latest developments in the developer tooling space.

On the third day of the conference at 14:55 at the Consensus Layer Stage (Halle), he will kick off a talk titled How to test in production without blowing things up?

As with all of his presentations so far, Bogdan will keep this one proactive, reflective, and engaging, requiring active audience participation. Together, you’ll journey through the evolution of blockchain tooling, drawing parallels between the growth of Ethereum and the rising complexity of today's dapps. With the ecosystem expansion through multiple side chains, Layer 2 solutions, and appchains, the need for standardised development processes became ever more apparent. 

What are some of the challenges posed by this increasing complexity? He’ll take the Dappcon audience from heightened security risks to the demand for better problem-detection systems. 

At Tenderly, we’ve identified that the time has come for a singular platform that caters to a wide array of use cases, from complex backend and frontend testing to serving as virtual testnets for diverse protocols and chains. As the blockchain landscape evolves, it's essential for builders to evolve with it, fostering adoption by making technology more accessible. Guided by that principle, we’ve developed some of the Tenderly core features.

Imagine a world where you replace parallel network testnets with a true real-time 1-on-1 replica of chains. Join us as we unveil the future of Web3 development—one where complexity is tamed and innovation thrives.

If you’re attending Dappcon, don’t miss Bogdan’s presentation by adding it to your calendar.

Where to meet us after

It wouldn’t be a Web3 conference without a party, eh? 

Decentralize & Mingle

On the last day, third day of Dappcon, we’re organizing a small get-together for all of those busy with building and growing Web3 products. Together with our friends from Web3 BD (community of BD professionals in Web3), HOPR, and Subsquid, we’ll be hosting a networking event and welcome everyone who shares the passion for building and growing products. 

Make sure to register for the event and meet us there!

Dapp developers, see you at Dappcon

Dappcon remains one of the most developer and builder-focused conferences in Europe and beyond. It fosters the tradition of not delving into hyped topics and buzzwords but instead sticking to the core issues tied to decentralized applications, tooling, and foundational infrastructure on Ethereum. We hope to see you there!