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Bonjour Paris! It’s EthCC time!

EthCC is the leading annual Web3 event and one of the industry's largest conferences held in Paris. Now, in its 6th consecutive year, EthCC gathers global Web3 teams for an action-packed week filled with a wide array of side events, embracing the essence of decentralization.

By Nikola Milinkovic on Jul 5, 2023

Bonjour Paris! It’s EthCC time!

We are thrilled to share that once again, Tenderly will be participating in EthCC. We always look forward to this event, especially as Paris solidifies its position as a vibrant hub for the global Web3 community. With numerous events happening from July 17th to 20th, EthCC offers unparalleled opportunities to connect, network, and celebrate with like-minded individuals who share our passion in building a progressive Ethereum ecosystem we all love.

EthCC 6 2023

The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is the largest annual Ethereum community event in Europe. Now in its sixth year, EthCC has a strong focus on community engagement and innovation in blockchain technology, which forms the backbone of the entire Web3 ecosystem.

This year, EthCC will take place at the iconic Maison de la Mutualite building, as well as the historic Collège des Bernardins, a French monument and Christian University dating back to the 13th century. These venues will house panels, workshops, talks, and sponsor booths, creating an immersive experience across the Parisian neighbourhood for the conference attendees.

A key aspect of EthCC has always been knowledge sharing. For this reason, over the span of the four conference days, panels and workshops will cover various subjects catered to both Web3 veterans and newcomers. 

More importantly, EthCC is close to everyone’s hearts and minds because it’s, first and foremost, a place of gathering for our whole Ethereum community. It’s where we meet, indulge in croissants, learn about and share the latest innovations in the blockchain space, our achievements, as well as the challenges we’ve overcome. 

It’s also the premier event where we can hear about the direction Vitalik thinks Ethereum should and will take in the coming years. Last year, he shared his thoughts on the longer-term vision and roadmap of the Ethereum protocol, including the post-Merge phases of development. This year, we’re excited to see if he has anything more to add!

Stop by…the Tenderly Pit Stop!

At EthCC 6 this year, you can find us at our booth – the Tenderly Pit Stop.  🎉 Our booth will be located in the second event building, Collège des Bernardins. We’ll be there on the third and fourth days of EthCC, July 19th and 20th respectively. On the first two days, keep an eye out for our team members, Nenad Vitorovic and Vanja Paunović from our DevRel squad. They'll be wandering around the venues. 😏

At our Pit Stop, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about Tenderly’s recent releases, including our Web3 Gateway, production-ready Node-as-a-Service, Node Extensions, custom RPC endpoints, and DevNets, private, production-based networks for smart contract development and testing. Stop by to learn how to integrate these seamlessly with frameworks like Truffle, Hardhat, or Foundry.

And since sharing is caring, you’ll also be able to hear more about our latest transaction-sharing feature. From sharing individual transactions in Simulator or Forks to sharing entire DevNet testing environments, learn how you can use this functionality in your development and production flows. 💥

Oh, and as always, we of course have awesome and diverse merch waiting for you at the Pit Stop. So swing by, grab your swag, recharge with some Tenderly treats and chat with us about your recent struggles and provide feedback on smart contract development. We’d love to hear from you! 

DeFi Dev Soirée with DeFi Saver

By popular demand, we’re bringing back our rooftop soirée this year too! It was a major highlight during EthCC 4, and we couldn't resist hosting it again on Parisian rooftops overlooking the Seine. We see this as an opportunity to celebrate all those who have stayed with us, developing new products and features through market downturns and remaining focused on what truly matters: building.

We will be hosting this soirée in collaboration with our friends from DeFi Saver. If you’re attending EthCC this year, let us know, and we’ll be happy to share an invite. There’s limited space, so don’t waste your time and reach out to our team members. We look forward to spending an enjoyable evening with our community and friends.

War Room Games Paris 2023 

Recognising the significance of EthCC 6, we’re hosting another thrilling edition of the War Room Games. This event will immerse you in the trenches of Web3 and smart contracts, where only your ego is at stake – no harm, no foul.

While the War Room is open to all, it's recommended to have a certain level of programming knowledge and experience with Ethereum smart contracts to fully participate.

The fifth edition of War Room Games will take place during EthCC, organised in collaboration with Yearn and yAudit. It’ll be the largest edition yet, held at the renowned Station F, located at 5 Parv. Alan Turing. Situated in a former rail freight depot, Station F is currently the largest startup facility in the world, raising the bar and stakes for the event.

We organised the first-ever War Room two years ago with Yearn, and the concept has evolved significantly since then. We’re excited to host another one with the masters of the DeFi craft, this time alongside a third partner, yAudit, who will develop new and complex smart contract challenges. As always, the event will take the form of a ‘Capture-the-Flag’ game, with multiple scenarios and challenges.

With high stakes and fierce competition, this edition promises to be the most challenging one yet. But as with every War Room, awards await those who go the extra mile, work under pressure, and thrive in a wild environment.

And guess what? All active participants of the WRG CFP will receive a free three-month subscription to Tenderly's Starter plan!So, join us on July 19th at 4 PM CEST at Station F, near the Seine, for a truly unforgettable hacking experience. Register at the event link below: 

See you in Paris!

EthCC is the pinnacle event for the entire Web3 community, and we’re looking forward to connecting with all of you during this week of education, community gathering, and celebration in the City of Light. Join us at EthCC 6 to forge new connections and deepen your knowledge. Together, let's continue building the future of the Ethereum ecosystem.