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Crowning the Champs of Tenderly Bounties at ETHDenver

At ETHDenver, we challenged developers to show off their creativity through two bounties. Let's celebrate the winners who created the most innovative solutions using Tenderly Simulation API and Web3 Gateway!

Tenderly BUIDLweek winners

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On the BUIDL floor at this year’s ETHDenver, we challenged developers to show off their creativity through two bounties with a combined prize pool of $9,000.

The evaluation of the submitted projects has wrapped up, and we're stoked to announce the results and give a shoutout to this year's winners!

Our DevRels, Nenad and Vanja, faced quite a challenge. They had to sift through a stack of submissions to find those that used Tenderly Simulation API and Web3 Gateway in the most creative and innovative ways.

Let's celebrate the trailblazing winners of this year's ETHDenver Tenderly bounties!

Tenderly Simulation API Integration winners

To win this challenge, teams were tasked with creating a dapp that integrates with Tenderly Simulations. The goal was to use simulations to reduce failed transactions and prevent sending transactions with unintended results from the user's perspective.

Teams had the option to either develop a UI that allows the end-user to decide on sending transactions based on simulation results or create an automated process that discards transactions that don’t meet specific criteria.

Simulations could be implemented using the tenderly_simulateTransaction JSON RPC call within Web3 Gateway or the Simulation REST API.

The three winning projects that took home $2,000 each were:

🏆 CoinChoice: A MetaMask and browser extension that lets users select which coins to use for gas fees. Tenderly Simulation API drives the gas estimation component of the dapp. To learn more about the project and how it implements Tenderly Simulation API, check out this quick demo and explanation.

🏆 W41337: A stateless EVM account primitive that can run arbitrary, ephemeral bytecode. Tenderly Simulation API is used to tell the user if the transaction would fail, allowing the user to input the correct amount of wei before executing the transaction on-chain. Test out the app here, or check out the project source code on GitHub.

🏆 CrossFuel: A payment system that simplifies gas fees for dapps on different blockchains using Account Abstraction. It eliminates the need to swap or bridge tokens, making transactions across multiple chains effortless. To enhance the user experience, the project uses Tenderly to simulate transaction results. Users can either approve sending the transaction to the chain or discard it. For a detailed explanation of the project, including diagrams and source code, check out the GitHub repo of the project.

Tenderly Web3 Gateway Integration winners

For the second bounty, we challenged teams to come up with a unique way to integrate their dapps with Tenderly’s production node – Web3 Gateway. Teams were tasked with building a dapp that can be deployed or used on a network supported by Web3 Gateway – Mainnet or any supported testnets.

The three projects that won $1,000 each in this bounty were:

🏆 D-Staker: A platform that simplifies Ether staking for investors of all levels with its user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms for optimized yields. The platform relies on Tenderly Web3 Gateway for smart contract deployment and uses Tenderly Simulation API to predict the outcomes of transactions before they are sent on-chain. The source code of the project is available on GitHub.

🏆 hinestone: A user-friendly, drag-and-drop UI for creating and editing customizable smart contract wallets, enabling users to avoid vendor lock-in and easily tailor the wallet to their preferences. This is a modular implementation of Account Abstraction (ERC-4337) using (modified) Diamond Proxies (ERC-2535). Tenderly Web3 Gateway is used for deploying to the Goerli testnet.

Check out the project’s GitHub repo for more details about the implementation.

🏆 Cognoscenti: A platform that allows researchers to stake against predictions funded by an investment staking pool and companies looking for answers. To send transactions and connect to the Mainnet and testnets, all the RPCs in the dapp are using Tenderly Web3 Gateway. To better understand the inner workings of the dapp, check out this quick video demo and the source code on GitHub.

Honorable mention: Tenderly Faucet

Embracing the vibes at #BUIDLWeek, the Tenderly crew also didn’t miss a chance to join the teams in the trenches and build something on the sidelines.

While mingling with BUIDLers, Vanja and Nenad were alerted that some teams were rapidly burning through their test ETH on Tenderly Forks (Tenderly Forks come with ten accounts, each loaded with 100 test ETH).

In a flash of inspiration, they created the Tenderly Faucet on the spot to empower teams to seamlessly refill their test ETH balance on Tenderly Fork accounts – without the hassle of mining or waiting.

Check out the Tenderly Faucet here.

The Tenderly Faucet remains live and fully functional, ready to fuel your development journey whenever you need to top up the balances of the accounts on your Tenderly Forks.

Want to learn about how Tenderly Forks work and how to use them to speed up your development?

Here’s a quick blog post that explains how Tenderly Forks can be used in testing as a faster and more flexible alternative to testnets.

A big thanks to all participants from Tenderly!

We're genuinely impressed by the talent and creativity showcased in projects submitted for Tenderly bounties. We appreciate all the hardworking developers who participated, and we can't wait to see how you continue to shape the future of Web3.

So keep an eye out for more events, and remember to stay curious and innovative!